Hello, this morning my desktop was completely different. I used Malware Bytes and it found PUP.Optional.ASK. I removed the two files, restarted the computer and it's still there. Any ideas on how to completely remove it?

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Yes, I had already tried all of the steps twice that Malware Bytes fixes thread suggested. Those steps were: Malware Bytes, Run AdwCleaner and Avast Browser Cleanup. Looking for new ideas.


@Mag_1. When the usual easy fixes fail you are often faced with posting to Bleepingcomputer.com. Be sure to read their rules on how and what to post. They have a lot of tools I don't use and many there create a custom removal script.


My solution is to not run Win-whatever. I Run Linux and never had a problem!And I have run Linux for the past 12 years!

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