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Just wondering if there is a way to cap or disable the upload portion of our connection. We share a connection in our apartment, and our DSL provider is cracking down on customers who take up too much upload bandwidth. Anything we can do to throttle our upload to help...


(all running WinXP Pro machines)

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sure.. dont run any ftp servers? that message is mainly directed towards people running servers.. so as long as you're not running a PUBLIC server.. you should be fine.. if you got something thats private, and only a couple people are on.. then you're fine.. haveing said that.. no, theres not really a GOOD way to limit your upstream bandwidth with windows.. there are ways.. but none of them are very effective over the long run so to speak.. just keep an eye on it and you'll be fine

knalb is right, basically ISP's are trying to crack down on people running ftp servers/web servers

...& email servers.... :-|


Search Windows XP help for QoS (Quality of Service).
I never looked, you may get lucky.

Search google too for "Windows XP QoS"

Some routers have this as a feature (I know Linksys 10/100 "blue" has this for 8-ports)

What exactly does QoS do? I'm a networking man, and this has had me troubled for some time. I have that blue 8 port linksys router! Heh...

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