I have a wireless-g linksys router with speedboster...I want to set up port forwarding for Bittorrent....Is there away to see if these ports are actually open and working....is there special settings for my exact router (WRTG54S)


p.s. why are all the good bittorent sites (suprnova, yoceff) down? They've been down for quite a while too

why are all the torretn sites down!! Have you not been listening to the news recently. the MMPA or whoever are targetting the torretn network since its responsible for the 3rd of the total internat traffic. They have obviously had there thinking caps on taken down the host sites to make it harder for p2p sharing!

Has for your router... open IE > admin admin is your p/w and u/n ... Can't remember the extact thing but in there is some port thingys set the ports to whatever your p2p is set to and add your computers IP in here....


ports: 7001:7002 set this in your software has well has the router! is your pc's IP ... and you may have to reboot your pc and dsl modem