Recently I have purchased a few wireless routers to attempt to install on my computer. After following most of the steps, the router is not able to find the internet connection. I have an old Westell 6100 that I got from Verizon, and it works just fine right now. The problem happens on all of the routers i have purchased and even a modem/wireless router combo from verizon, but it still does not connect to the internet, im guessing it finds the signal, yet is still unable to connect. I have also attempted to manually install the router with the instructions giving by a customer service worker at Linksys. Would you know what could be the problem?

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Verizon DSL is usually a ppoe connection that needs a username and password. You have to call verizon to setup the modem to be a bridge this passes the internet to the router where you will setup the connection as ppoe inside the router so now the router is acting as the modem. you will put the verizon username and password for the ppoe in the router

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