I m very new in DNS related issue. I just want to use a free domain name to enter my pc from internet.I want to use a free DNS service like-Xname to make my free domain.But I cant understand the DNS record type which need to be entered during domain creation. Can anybody tell me the follwoing DNS record that I should put in-

Name Server (NS) records- ?
[NS records are names (and not IP addresses). You have to use the full qualified name of the computer, with the trailing dot at the end (ex: ns0.xname.org). -as written in the website]
A- ?

my pc host name is- tanvir and my name is -Tanvir Hossain.Now can u use any of my names to suggest the above record info.Or is there any other easy to create free DNS service website?I just want a www.myname.com type domain name.

A = is the host name. usually the machine name
Cname is the allias. this can be anything like www, that points to a specific machine. eg. type website, and once resolved it can pull up server.domain.local