......... Just got up this morning and started my machine like everyday. Logged into Daniweb an started checking out the all the News , Views and Reviews. Was checking out some blogs and a random thought passed my mind ........... why don i write something out here. May not be that intersting as i am first timer but still, lets give it a try....

As a programmer is writing .... lets start with some computer talk. Computers and programming are my life, i cant stay without them. You can pull me out of my sleep and ask about the exception being thrown at you by the JDK, but if you ask me to write something its like asking a Tiger Woods to play Football.

But still just a small effort, alos i would like to mentio0n. I've started a small site for all IT students .... not as big as DaniWeb but a small one.

OK fellows this is Da Programmer signing off