Hey guys new at forums ???

just help me out !!!

hi guys, new here and thought i would give it a shot regarding a problem i am having. just purchased a brand new house that is prewired for internet, it has ethernet jacks in about 4 rooms. the wires all end up in an electrical box with phone and tv cables in my garage. we just had Shaw connect us for our tv/internet/phone, and instead of me being able to just plug in my computer and PS3 directly to the jacks in the room, the Shaw tech hooked up a cable modem in my office via a coax cable, then left an ethernet cable coming out of the modem for me to hook up to my computer. i wasnt home, wife was, so i couldnt ask him while he was there. i have looked on line and have somewhat figured out that i need to go to the panel in the garage, find the incoming cable feed, and split it. so that i can continue getting the tv and phone service. with the extra line, i put that into my modem (installing it into the panel). this is where i get lost. should i then route a cable from the modem to a router, then hook the cables that go to the jacks in the house into it? or .....i've also read that i need to connect the router to a switch, then hook up the cables that go into the house into the switch. i am new to this type of stuff, so hope someone has some advice. thanks in advance!