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the network works sporatically. i am connecting 2 windows xp computers together with 2 wireless linksys cards. 1 of the computers sometimes suddenly can't see the workgroup although its properly set. ??? sometimes no user intervention is required to suddenly work again. :( the computers are approximately 30 feet away from each other. >:(

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Is the problem happening on one computer only? Are they laptops? How are the cards connecting to the computer (e.g. PC Card, PCI, USB)? Knowing this would help a lot more in diagnosing the problem. Also, please register.. we need the people.

Tek, "diane" is my mom :o She's got one desktop upstairs and one desktop downstairs (directly below it) with external USB wireless linksys network cards. The downstairs PC sometimes can't browse the network (the "workgroup is not available" error message) and sometimes it works. Sometimes nothing needs to be done for it to suddenly work. The upstairs PC can always browse the network. When the downstairs one isn't working, though, the upstairs one can only see itself. They're both XP Pro Corporate (warez vers)

When you're trying to browse the network... is the computer connecting to the internet? I know sometimes my network card could be 10 feet away from the router and just lose connection for a few seconds/minutes.

While my mom is using a wireless lan to share files between computers, both connect to the internet via dial-up AOL accounts.

I think I got a perfect solution for you.

It happenes to me it's like a Bug in the system do this I have a good feeling it might work.

Go to Start/Search/Files or Folders/Computers or people

Click on it once you get there. Select a computer on the network. Type in the Correct Workgroup name and Bingo.

Make a shortcut on the desktop and have fun shareing files.

BTW find out the workgroup name make sure you know it and spell it right because one letter off and your screwed.

BTW I cant believe your using a Warez Ver shame on you D and shame on your MOM!! lol hehe :)

LOL! Hey Dani's mom!

OK It took awhile but I think I got the problem figured out. The antenna just needed to be moved a bit. Kept getting random interference.

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