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i am new to this field and dont have much of an IT experience.Previously, we used to logon to a domain which used to be present on one of the exchange servers. Right now we have relocated and dont have any connections present. The clients can still logon to their accounts and access their data. I wanted to know how is this possible without having the domain controller online and connected. Also if i want to login on lets say another new PC without being configured to have a domain login,it gives me the error "the domain controller of the domain is not present". Is there any way i can login into the account without having the domian server online.


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The short answer is no.

The long answer is that it is possible, but you have to be running some kind of VPN to get authenticated, or to log into the domain via dialup. Both methods of connection are outside the scope of what I could provide to you in a mere forum post.

But, if the Exchange server isn't behind some kind of firewall, then you should be able to configure your emal clients not within the domain to connect to it without a problem. You just have to know the server's address, and what your credentials (username and password) are.

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