i am having network problem, my system is not conneting to internet i dont know what to do pls i need help

Re: networking 80 80
  • Are you connected through wireless or a wired connection?
  • Is the router or modem turned on?
  • Are all cables connected correctly? (check them before answering in case one has come loose).
Re: networking 80 80

For troubleshooting this problem you have to check out all these points.Is your net connection is wireless or wired? Then check out your modem.


Re: networking 80 80

Lets start with:
1) what system do you have? Windows? Mac?
2) BAsed on the system, you need to give us the current config. IPCONFIG /ALL for windows, ifconfig for MAC.
3) can you ping your own ip?
4) can youping the gateway?
5) can you ping beyond the gateway to
6) can you ping using FQDN like ping www.yahoo.com?

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