hi, i recently had a problem in my network, i just changed the name of my workgroup and this problem arises, i can connect to the shared resources on my workgroup and i can use the internet, but the problem is my other colleagues can't access to the files i shared, and when i tried to ping my computer using other computer it has an error "Ping request could not find the host name Please check the name and try again", if i am ping other computer no problem and when i use net view in DOS mode using other computer my computer name is on the list..
my OS is XP, network config is DHCP..
i verifiy my settings using ipconfig all the same with other comps on the network.. does anyone has the idea to solve this problem? any help is greatly appreciated.. Thanks...

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You need to make sure your colleagues PC are in same workgroup. If you have done that, it can take up to 45 minutes for new workgroup name to be propagated round network and for it to work correctly. (A feature of Microsoft)

If not working then I would then Switch everything off including router for 30 seconds then switch on starting with router.

If that does not sort it then take shares off and put them back on and it should work.

Hope this sorts it.


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