I have an old hp pavilion ze4400 laptop that I was in the middle of rebooting the os.
I was reformatting the hard drive (to completely wipe out old and make way for new os) and went to have a smoke.
OS info: Had windows XP on it but was trying do a complete reboot, was just gonna reinstall XP.
When I came back the screen was black, it appeared to have turned off. When I had left it was about 50% through formatting.
Now when I hit the power button, the power light just blinks eight times. There seems to be no other response from the computer whatsoever.

Thanks for your time.

Well I removed the battery while leaving the charger plugged in and it let me start the comp up again. I got all the way to the serial key verification and as soon as I typed it in the computer shut off..... Damn...