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Legal Obligations

DaniWeb® is a registered trademark of DaniWeb LLC, headquartered in Uniondale, New York. It is understood that the DaniWeb website services as a conduit to unite those within the IT industry throughout the Internet and holds no responsibility for anything that is posted by individual members of the community. Posts and comments do not necessarily represent the opinions of DaniWeb LLC. Always take precautions and use judgement when deciding whether to follow the advice or suggestions of other community members. DaniWeb LLC holds no responsibility towards any actions that you may take as a result of advice offered anywhere. As a registered member, you are held solely responsible for any libelous, defamatory, or slanderous remarks about a person or company made in your posts.

Additionally, DaniWeb LLC assumes an exclusive license to all content submitted by its members and staff. Any and all information posted on DaniWeb may not be copied or used elsewhere, in any way, shape, or form, either on the Internet or in print, without prior written permission from an authorized employee of DaniWeb LLC.

Privacy Disclaimer

DaniWeb takes Internet privacy very seriously. However, please note that this is a public site where all discussion threads, posts, news stories, code snippets, tutorials, etc. with the exception of those in the Staff forums, are available to everyone (guests and members alike). Please also note that DaniWeb staff does everything within their power to ensure DaniWeb remains a family friendly site. However, we are only human. Members are required to follow all posting rules.


DaniWeb requires double opt-in registration in order to enjoy member privileges. Registration requires a unique username, a password, and a valid email address. Additionally, we request a new member's full name, company, primary role and company size after the registration process, but providing this information is entirely optional. To comply with federal anti-spam guidelines, DaniWeb stores the registration email address, current email address, all IP addresses used to register with and post, date of registration, and date last visited of all members as confirmation and proof of their opt-in status. DaniWeb's policy is to permanently maintain all registration records. Email addresses and passwords can be changed via the Edit Profile page at any time. Members can change their username or permanently delete their membership from the Edit Membership page. Because passwords are one-way encrypted in the database, it is impossible for them to be decoded by any staff member, even with direct access to the database. We offer a means to reset a lost password.

Minimum Age Requirement

In compliance with the U.S. Coppa Act, no one under the age of thirteen (13) is permitted to register on these forums. If someone under the age of 13 does register, it is understood that they are doing so against DaniWeb's policies and without DaniWeb's knowledge.

Forum Rules

All members are expected to uphold all posting rules. Rules are enforced by a team of moderators and administrators who reserve the right to edit, ammend, move, or perform other editorial actions upon any and all content when it violates a rule, in order to make said content comply with all rules. If it is not possible to alter content to be rule-compliant, content may be deleted by moderators. Serious infractions may result in a temporary or permanent ban from posting on DaniWeb.


Posts contributed to the community immediately become the property of DaniWeb upon submission. Members may edit their posts for a limited time period immediately after, for the purpose of correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and accidental ommissions. After this initial period expires, posts may only be edited or deleted by DaniWeb team members, and only in cases where they do not comply with our forum rules for the purpose of making said content comply with all rules. As a discussion community, posts contributed by many members work together to form coherent discussions. Altering or deleting individual posts may have consequences that unfairly extend to other members of the community. All members are held responsible for their actions. As always, think before you permanently post something on the public Internet.

Community Emails

Monthly community-oriented digests are emailed to all members, by default, between the 10th and 17th of each month. Members who participate in the community may also receive other custom-tailored emails relating to updates for discussions they have on their Watch List, etc. Members have the option to disable all emails at any time via the Edit Profile page. Additionally, they can be instantly disabled without the need to log in by clicking on a custom-generated link located near the bottom of each email. Members who wish to only stop receiving email related to articles they are watching can choose to go to the Articles Currently Watched page and select to 'Stop Watching All Articles'. Members can additionally deselect the option in their Profile to not automatically watch articles they post in.

Member Profiles

Registered members have the option of filling out a user profile which includes personal information such as their full name, contact information and employment status. All such information is optional. While some of it is used by DaniWeb as part of market research studies, some information, such as a member's full name, may be displayed publically within member profiles.

Information Sharing

At times, DaniWeb may share information contained within member profiles with our partners. In each case, there is a clear notice that taking a certain action will grant DaniWeb permission to share limited profile information with a specific company, and the company is mentioned by name. Currently, the only time DaniWeb shares information is when downloading a company-sponsored white paper, in which case we may share information with the company regarding who downloaded their white paper as part of lead generation opportunities. Please also note that we do send non-identifying data, such as your user ID, to Google Analytics. This is done to help us evaluate site usage patterns so that we can improve the user experience.

Browser Cookies

To enhance your experience, the forum system stores cookies in your web browser. They are used to retain your login information and session ID. Please note that by disabling cookies, you may not be able to login or post on the forums. If you wish to participate, please ensure that browser cookies are enabled. Third party cookies are used to manage site advertising and demographic research studies.

Private Messaging

This forum system has private messaging capabilities available to registered members. Please note that DaniWeb staff will never read any private messages passed between other members.