Keyword density - How much is too much????


I think it will not make any problem still you can check any on page related guide which you can get on on page.


When I read the expert opinion I saw that generally they offer 2-3% keywords density.
More then this will make the bad effect for the website.


3-4% keyword density is good for 400-500 words


i think 3 times repeat the same keyword phrase in 100 words is enough...


Keyword density should be 2-4%. Dont let your density exceed this limit.

Agreed .

One of my trainer told me to put keywords is following manners(2-4% density)

One keyword in Title

One or two in the First Para

One in middle

One or 2 in Last paragraph.

It will be effective for both seo and Visitors too


According to me keyword density in between 2-3%.


2 to 3 % density is more then enough.


As this is an old topic brought back to life, Google's Panda updates now punish sites that use duplicate content, poorly worded and ungrammatical content, and excessive keyword use.

A good rule of thumb in the post-Panda world is to use informative content on your site. You, of course, also want to keep your keyword density low (like the percentages mentioned here in this thread repeatedly...I've seen some say no more than 5%) so you avoid being seen as spamming the system.


The use of keyword should be restricted in an article. So its to follow guidelines before writing article.


Keyword density should be around 2 to 3 percent in an article.

thank goodness you came along to repeat that bit of information that has already been posted a zillion times

To add to my early post, perhaps the answer is if you're even counting your keywords with today's advanced search engine algorithms, then you've probably used too much.

To summarize, provide informative content and don't just stuff keywords onto your page!


75% is too much keyword density

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