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I know it’s been a long time coming, but better late than never. In your control panel, you can now choose to hide your location from others in your member profile.

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localhost and should point to the same location. is the IP address for localhost, your local machine.

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I'm the founder of DaniWeb. Here's my about me

Ask Me Anything!! :)

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I just spent way too long realizing that by setting the boundary property for Twitter Bootstrap popover Javascript to viewport (I believe it's parent element by default), it gets rid of the flickering issue I was having with popovers triggered on hover. If anyone else is having that problem, this fixes it. :)

data-toggle: popover
data-container: body
data-boundary: viewport
data-trigger: hover focus
rproffitt commented: Excellent. That flickering was showing for me a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you. +0
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I recall it worked a year ago but over the last few months discussions I could find with a "word" no longer show on the first page if at all.

What was the word you're thinking of?

rproffitt commented: If the word comes back to me I'll be sure to tell you. For now it's lost to me as well as Google. +15
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Get them on the first 10 search results.

As a developer, the best thing I can liken this question to is it being the equivalent of someone asking, "How can I ensure I create a bug-free program?" Your answer would be some mixture of, "Become a seasoned programmer, write elegant code, organize your code into digestable components, etc." It's entirely plausable to work towards creating a bug-free program, but all the specific techniques to achieve it are things that could be construed as entirely subjective, and essentially boil down to "become a seasoned programmer".

The answer to this question is the same exact thing. The goal of any SEO campaign is to work on being in the top 10 results. Seasoned SEOs are more familiar with what the formula is to achieve this, and the formula is different depending on the keywords being targeted you want to rank for. How to choose which keywords to rank for is a part of the job of any good SEO. I guess the best way I can answer this question is to just keep reading the forums, following SEO blogs, practicing SEO, and getting better, and it's a skill you can eventually learn.

Do this in a few days or one week.

Search engine optimization is broken up into two components: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Off page SEO is the stuff you have no control over ... which mostly boils down to links from other sites. To build up your ...

rproffitt commented: Thanks for expanding here. There's a lot to take in here, much like "a sip from the fire hose." +15
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It matters a ton from personal experience. DaniWeb is an English-based site but unfortunately most of our back links are not on English websites. The result is most of our organic traffic originates from non-English speaking countries.

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It depends who you’re targeting (niche audience, geo, etc) and what keywords you’re targeting.

I use organic and PPC to target completely different audiences.

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Google has actually come out and said that incorporating schemas does not affect your rank in the organic serps, outside of being in the answer box and having expanded results. Not sure I believe that one.

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Try using full paths (beginning with https://...) in the header redirects.

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Did that work?

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I didn’t get a chance to read all your code but stop using preventDefault if you want it to execute the jQuery as well as the normal form submission.

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By PPC engine do you mean PPC ad network? And for you being in the capacity of a publisher?

Years ago I knew a whole bunch offhand but most of them probably don’t exist anymore (Chitika, for example), and I’m typing on my phone. I’ll look into this later.

In the meantime try doing a quick google search for “ad network for Blogspot” since blogspot urls are in the form of name.blogspot.com

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There is no reason to use a timeout because the document.ready() function waits until the DOM is ready before executing.

What if you just did something like this:

 $(function () {
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Memcached is simpler, faster, and has less overhead. I use it to cache large portions of pre-generated HTML to reduce the amount of PHP and MySQL that needs to execute to build a page. I use Memcached when there’s absolutely nothing to lose if it ejects a key too early and I just need it to cache long strings of content to save a few milliseconds from page loads.

I use Redis when I need to take advantage of its ability to store volatile data objects in a fast and reliable way, such as to store user session data, API tokens, etc. In such cases, I use Redis as the primary database because MySQL is not performant for us when working with active sessions, and file based sessions (PHP native sessions) are slower over the network when being accessed by multiple web servers than our Redis server is.

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Sorry for posting so many times in a row, but just to clarify ...

  • In the left sidebar, click 'Coverage' under the Index section
  • Click 'Excluded' to filter pages excluded and then click 'Error' if it's selected to un-filter
  • For each category in the Details section, click the category, and then take a screenshot of the links it shows
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When you get a chance, please let me know what that report says. That should answer all your questions :)

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Way too many reasons.

Yes, there are lots of reasons. But luckily Google Search Console does provide some tools to give us insight into what those reasons might be so that we can get to the bottom of it and correct the problem.

The second article rproffitt linked to suggests exactly what I posted above, which is noindex errors.

But, yeah, the Coverage section of GSC should give you some insight into what all the pages that are indexed have in common and what all the pages that are not indexed have in common.

If you'd like, export the results of the Coverage and Sitemaps reports here so I can take a look myself and come up with something actionable for you to do.

rproffitt commented: Thanks. I'm still learning about that console. +15
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Look in the Coverage and Sitemaps section to see if you have pages that have inadvertently been noindexed. If you break your site up into multiple sections each with their own sitemap file, you can narrow it down to which sections Google is not liking.

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This page keeps crashing on my iPhone, both in Mobile Safari as well as Chrome.


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It's rather simple ... just get and set.

Basically ...

$result = $cache->get('key');

if ($result === false)
     $result = mysql_query($key);

     $cache->set('key', $result);


  echo 'The result is: ' . $result;
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I'm trying to read your code but I'm not sure what bootstrapValidator does? It seems this is a third-party plugin. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to debug your code because the bug seems to either be within the bootstrapValidator function or a bug with the way you are sending your data to it.

Do you have a link to bootstrapValidator for us to investigate?

Laurens_1 commented: Of course. http://bootstrapvalidator.votintsev.ru. How do I edit my question, so I can add the link? +0
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I thought the wording made sense because when I think of participants of a chat room, I think of how many people are in the room listening. Not necessarily how many people have spoken up over the past X minutes/hours.

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RuMedia, I think what the OP is saying is that he’s aware of that, but he doesn’t mind if they go stale.

What I do is I use an in memory cache such as Memcached (non-persistent) or Redis (persistent) where I store the results of the query for up to X minutes. They are both key-value pair caches. I then query memcached unless there’s a miss in which case I query the database again.

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188 members are enrolled in the group and will receive a notification if you send a message to the group. Sorry for the misleading wording. 188 members aren't actively sending messages. 188 members are "listening in" in the chat room.

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Sorry, I guess I’m not understanding what you’re saying. What do you mean if I think you can edit an external homepage so people will buy the book? Sorry but I don’t know what you mean by that?

rserhatduygun commented: I mean to convince people in writing or visually to buy the file to be sold. +0
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I think the reason you haven't received too many responses is because you're question is basically talking about this sophisticated app that searches various fields in a database with filtering, and the code you provided just connects to the database server, so it's hard to know what exactly you're asking or where you're stuck.

However, I would highly, highly suggest you use a PHP templating engine because having php code intermingled within your HTML code gets really confusing really quickly.

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I don't know anything about angular, but I believe it needs to be compiled. I don't know how to do this as I have no angular experience, but is there a reason you chose an angular template?

This tutorial should help you get started with compiling your angular code into javascript that your browser can interpret.

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Hi there! Nice to virtually meet you.