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I'm going to write no because you added "low authority." To me this means your goal is not about Web 2.0 at all as defined at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0

This is the SEO forum. As a result, by "low authority" he means does Google consider a specific page an authority based on its UI/UX (e.g. is it Web 2.0 or not).

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I've noticed that really strong articles with an overly simplistic UI tend to be linked to the most, and as a result, carry the most authority.

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It's 2019 so can you share what changed from 2017 to 2018 then 2019?

LOTS! The SEO industry is primarily about keeping up with the latest algorithm shifts that Google makes. As a result, techniques differ year over year. Last year was the year of infographics. IMHO, they don't bring as much benefit in 2019. Longer blog articles work better now I heard. Just my opinion. But I'm the nutcase who is constantly googling, "best seo techniques in October 2019" ... "best seo techniques in November 2019" etc.

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Visual Basic for Applications?
Microsoft Access?

I THINK I know what you’re talking about but the name escapes me. It sounded something like PowerBasic but not that?

rproffitt commented: Excel back then with VBA could make some nice (for the era) reports and systems. To me Excel and some VBA seems to match what is asked here. +15
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Looks like I was right on about breadcrumb enhancements recently showing up in my GSC. The official Google Webmasters twitter account announced it went live as of today => https://twitter.com/googlewmc/status/1174693878835875840

So basically what that means is log into your GSC, ask Google to crawl one of your pages that has breadcrumb schema, and you'll see if Google has a specific issue with your implementation, or if they understand it correctly.

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Sorry for taking so long to see this thread.

Please supply exactly what is broken. Error messages along with what you expected to happen.

They did.

Good luck with getting Google to change this.

Knowing what to change to encourage Google's algorithms to change things is the point of this forum. Google is all about helping them to help you, and they go a long way towards providing the tools to make that happen. Schema is just one of many ways.

That being said, are you using Google Search Console? In the Enhancements section of Google Search Console, are they picking up on your schema? I noticed that the Breadcrumbs enhancements just very recently showed up in my GSC.

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I'm not sure I fully understand your question. I browsed your site and most pages do not have meta tags. For example, I'm on your Zalgo Text Generator page and I don't see meta keywords or meta description.

Every unique page of your site needs to have at least four things:

  • A unique title different from every other page on the site
  • A unique meta description different from every other page on the site
  • A unique meta keywords different from every other page on the site
  • A canonical tag that indicates that it is the primary version of the page

A <link rel="canonical" href="https://www.example.com/page.html"> tag tells Google, and other search engines, the URL of the primary version of the page. If you have more than one different URL that has the same, or similar, content on it, you can use the same canonical URL in the meta tags to tell Google which page you want showing up in the search engines, and not to penalize the other pages for duplicate content.

If you have two or more pages that have near-identical content but different URLs, then you can use the same title, description, and keywords as long as there is the same canonical tag as well.

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There are many more than that!

There is author, viewport, refresh, generator, etc.

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This is an English only forum. However, you are missing a semicolon at the end of the line that begins $usuario =

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Depending on what you want to use the computer for, there will always be limitations based on ram amount. Your processor capabilities determine how fast your computer can work, and ram basically limits how many things your computer can keep track of at one time.

In my experience, no reasonable amount is going to provide diminishing returns if you’re doing something like running virtual environments, graphic design, etc.

MickeyD commented: OK, this helps a lot. As I said, I don't do gaming but I do keep a lot of windows open at one time drawing from all of them and several things are goi +0
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At this time, we only email you about updates to specific articles you've specified you want to watch.

However, there are some other tools at your disposal:

You can fetch an RSS feed of all new topics tagged with java. You can receive notifications by plugging this RSS feed into an RSS reader. Or, you can use something like IFTTT to send you alerts, text messages, tweets, facebook posts, or even flicker the lights in your smart home, etc., each time the RSS feed has been updated.

Additionally, if you want to do something creative and roll your own RSS parser, our RSS feeds use PubSubHubbub, which means you can get notified for updates via PUSH notifications instead of having to poll.

You can use our JSON feed to fetch all topics tagged with java, sorted by when they were last posted in. You will, unfortunately, have to write your own parser / reader / notification system (or perhaps one already exists somewhere on the web, probably a Github repository somewhere that would only need slight modifications to make it work).

Our complete API documentation is available at https://www.daniweb.com/welcome/api

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Hi there. Welcome to DaniWeb!!

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I use CodeIgniter, a loosely MVC-based PHP framework where models are "optional".

When I began coding the current iteration of DaniWeb, I began with some of the basics of the infrastructure. I first focused on the model layer and built up the essentials of what a post looks like, what a thread looks like, what a forum looks like, and what a member looks like.

From there, I created a bare bones crontroller, and focused on the view. As I built up the UI, each time I needed a new getter or setter, I built that functionality into the model layer. Each time the UI called some other type of behind-the-scenes behavior or functionality, etc., I built it into the controller.

I did that for the top three pages: Forum listing, forum thread, and member profile.

By the time those pages were done, which means they had a usable UI and basic functionality, I had a pretty sophisticated back-end infrastructure to support them. From there, I was able to build up the rest of their features as well as all the other pages focusing mostly on adding controllers and views.

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Sorry about that. That was a bug from the migration we discovered late last night. Unfortunately, there were some serious repercussions as a result of it, where everyone who attempted to post yesterday was flagged as a spammer. It should be under control now.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for the explanation. Otherwise I would think these folk were all spammers. +0
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I said let me know if anything isn’t working. I never said anything about being able to fix anything.

Thank you for your bug reports. They will be looked into.

rproffitt commented: Nothing new broken. Seems as good as before. About climate change, that's all of us doing our part. +0
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Sorry for the intermittent downtime over the past few days. We think we were being DDOS'ed, perhaps unclear.

However, we've upgraded to new web servers tonight, to bring HTTP/2 support and finally move from PHP 5.x to PHP 7. A few years late, I know.

Let me know if anything isn't working as it should!

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Just stop with md5. It's completely useless.

Not that you're doing it, but MD5() with both a salt and a pepper are a little better because they make rainbow tables useless, but I would use password_hash() because not only is it more secure, but it isn't any harder to use.

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Thank you for clarifying. The one in the email should be the current password. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for you. I’ll investigate a little bit later today.

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Sorry, I'm misunderstanding what you're saying. What you described is the expected behavior, no? What appears to be broken?

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Hiring a team from the beginning is a horrible and excruciating expensive business strategy. First find product-market fit. This means creating a minimally viable product and proving that there is interest in using it. If you don’t have the skills to go it alone, outsource to a small dev team or consulting firm. But, please, do not hire a team. Your business is too immature to know exactly what aspects will be most time consuming, the difficulty level of each component, who the first hire should be, or even what skills to look for. Otherwise you may find yourself hiring a bookkeeper only to find out months later that invoicing and accounts receivable only takes an hour a week.

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I see you marked this thread as solved. Were you able to figure out the problem? What was it?

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Firstly, every page in the Google search results you linked to are from one specific forum. That's kinda weird ever since Google recently announced that, except in very extreme cases, they changed their algorithm to ensure that there's not more than one result per domain in the top 10 results.

That being said, though, you said that the ideas you had were in the first ten hits, but that's a lot of forum discussions to sift through. Could you maybe point out some specific posts or post the solution(s) here instead?

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You can try https://codecanyon.net/ which is an Envato Market (same parent company as Theme Forest) but designed for scripts and plugins instead of templates. Perhaps you were just trying to post within the wrong marketplace type?

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Also, aren't you meaning to do cin >> s1.age and not just cin >> age?

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Are they marketing their site for sale or to the consumers?

I think it's clear in the OP's question that they are trying to promote their blog posts within social media.

Also the folk I know always check out these sites (bankrate or similar) then go direct to the seller to see if the deal is the same or better.

I'm the opposite. I am of the variety that is willing to pay for convenience. Whether it's buying a movie ticket straight from Fandango where I can browse multiple theaters at once, doing grocery shopping from multiple stores at once on Instacart, or ordering food delivery on DoorDash, I am someone who buys into the upcharge from sites that curate across multiple stores. To each their own :)

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rproffitt, may I ask why you would recommend that a small business hire a digital strategist? IMHO, this should be the CEO/CMO's job until the company is very well established, and certainly not one of the first handful of hires. It's often much more cost effective to outsource to an SEO firm or digital agency.

That being said, in terms of promotion on social media, I think you're right on track with recent blog posts on the homepage. Images are a help as well, in addition to the actionable content that you seem to have. What is clearly missing, however, are share buttons for people who read each article. Readers should be encouraged to share your content to their social network.

I get what you're saying about facebook and instagram not being the right place where consumers might go to consume content about loans and finances. Instagram, for sure. However, not everyone uses Facebook to look at memes or pictures of their friends. My facebook network is almost exclusively people I know in the digital space who are posting articles about the latest news in the SEO industry.

Again, this brings us back to having those share buttons front and center in your content. Create blog content targeted to experts in the field, and those experts will share the content with their network of other industry experts.

Also, LinkedIn and Twitter are much more relevant to you than Facebook and Instagram. Use appropriate hashtags with Twitter. Share content on LinkedIn, ...

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Kcal you please provide the code that generated this error so we can help to debug?

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Please show us the MySQL query causing this error.

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This is the code behind the demo at https://www.daniweb.com/connect/oauth/demo

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Newbies already get a warning message when attempting to post in threads that have been inactive for a long time. The thing is, I am against blatantly disallowing it because I do believe that sometimes it can be helpful. If someone stumbles across a thread from a Google search and has an answer that has not yet been posted, that could be useful to people in the future.