Well, I love playing games and Need for Speed(NFS) is my favorite game which makes me stick to the PC whole day........NFS is a car racing game,and you have the option to select the car of your choice and game location.........Obvioulsy it is a wonderful game for those who love racing............

Well,when talking about the recent movie Immediately final desitination 5 directed by Steven Quale comes to my mind....It is a Horror movie which makes you restless and holds your breath throughout the end.The main plot of the movie is a series of unnatural death...The main hero of the movie is Nicholas D'Agosto.....

Well,In a bad day I will listen to some light music to keep change my mind and make myself stress free....The light music makes you calm and droves away your problems....

Well,free time is the time for you to referesh or relax and enjoy.......You can get rid off the bordom during free hours by listening to music which makes you stress-free and cools your mind......I like listening to music whicle travelling.......

Web design is the desinging part of your site involved in the creation of grahical elements to make the site colorful and attractive.To design web you should be proficient in using tools Photoshop,Illustrator,Dreamweaver and Flash.If you have a creative blend of mind you can master the above tools.You can also refer tutorials online for web design:

  • buildingwebsitesmadesimple.com
  • how-to-build-websites.com
  • entheosweb.com

The world is moving in a fast pace towards the mobile web browsing the upcoming internet platform.The mobile web designing makes the web browsing easy and flexible.Mobile web design should be more simple apart from the traditional one.The key areas of focus while mobile web design are:

  • Screen Resolution.
  • Full website viewing option.
  • Implementing proper navigation.
  • No refreshing option.
  • Enabling text links.

If you have good designing skills and interested in web technologies,the web designing is the easiest and best option for you.To master the art of web design you have to be expert in tools like Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Illustrator and Flash.Apart from the above designing tools knowledge of basic HTML is vital along with languages like PHP,Ajax,j Query.....
The best option to learn basic web designing is to pursue a formal training in web designing.To add,learning web designing is not a short term process it is a never ending process where you have to be updated with the latest technologies.

PHP is the best web technology available for the development of dynamic websites.Being a general-purpose-server-side-scripting-language,PHP is used in the development of majority of dynamic websites.If you have a taste for web you can learn PHP online.There are lots of tutorials available online.The tutorials cailable online are:

  • w3schools.com
  • php.net
  • tizag.com
  • killerphp.com