How to enable proxy through javascript.
when you apply a proxy in IE or any other web-browser it doesn't apply the proxy to javascript. I need to know if there is any method to force javascript run through the applied proxy in web-browser.


Hi Fellows,

Since two days I am facing an issue with my system. Did multiple things but couldn't get rid of it. Here's the problem;

Every program I am opening such as (Word, Excel, Media player, my documents, pictures, videos etc.), there is a lag of 10-15 seconds before the program shows up. Also when I open a new tab in chrome, firefox or IE it loads after sometime. When I type say www.google.com it direct me to the site after few seconds (instead I have high internet speed of 25 Mps but still taking at least 15 seconds to load each page).

I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed since the operating system was installed. I kept updating the MSE frequently and also ran whole system scan at least once a week. I didn't come accross any malware or virus while scaning as yet. Since this problem begin, I also ran other antispam tools like "Emsis Soft Emergency Kit" & "Trend Micro Housecall" but they also dectect nothing suspicious.

*Ran CCleaner and removed all unnecessary files, scanned registry issues. Nothing happened.

*Went to "advanced system settings" > Performance and set "Adjust for best performance". Still laging remains!

*Defragmented partition where OS is installed, still same results.

*Unistalled unnecessary programs (no luck).

Please help me to diagnose and resolve the issue, don't know why my OS is slowing down and taking much time compared as before.

And unfortunately I don't have "System Restore" feature running currently. (I can't restore to previous ...

Hi Fellows,
Actually my PC is infected by virus. I downloaded and updated MBAM and performed quick scan (more then few times) and keep getting "6" detections which seems MBAM is not able to remove them (even after restarting on completion of scan every time).

Following are the details of MBAM detections that keeps on coming up ever time I scan the system.

Malware.Packer.Gen (Vendor)........... C:\iodq.exe
Virus.Sality (Vendor)........................... Registry key
Virus.Sality (Vendor)........................... Registry key
PUM.Disabled.SecurityCenter............ Registry Data
PUM.Disabled.SecurityCenter............ Registry Data
PUM.Disabled.SecurityCenter............ Registry Data

Please help out to remove torjan completely from my machine.

[P.S some programs are poping out this error (runtime error r6002 floating point) when I try to execute them]


Ok, here's the history of the problem.
I have 80GB Hard drive "Samsung sp0411c" and I am using it since two years with my old desktop system with this S.M.A.R.T error at the startup (BIOS).

I think there are some bad sectors involved at the last part of the HDD space. There were 4 partitions initially i.e. (C, D, E, & F). The problem started with partition F with following issues;

? Always took so long copying files into F
? System got stuck up when some file(s), folder(s) from F drive were opened and then automatic restart
? That time ran CHKDSK on F drive but in the middle of scanning it always restarted the PC automatically.
? Sometimes system restarted when I was copying some random data in the F partition.
? Whenever this restart thing happened, at the start up it displayed that there is no primary hard drive detected. Then eventually it came back live after 2-3 attempts (always).
? I also deleted the Partition F: and then recreated the partition but same problems persisted.

Due to above issues I left the partition F as it was and used others like C,D & E but an year before the partition E started to do things same way F was doing and at that point F was not accessible with error popping (The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?)

I formatted the partition F and ran ...

Hi Fellas,

(i need to keep my system busy while I am not using it)
I am looking to know if there is any software free/paid which automatically operates the windows functions when you are not using the PC. like, switching between programs/windows at designated time interval.....running some programs and exiting them. etc etc.

Hope you get the idea!


Hi Andy,
Thanks for your input.
Well, reinstalling the operating system would be my last choice. I have lot of stuff installed on my machine that I don't want to lose e.g. User history, Bookmarks, Site preferences, Auto Form/Search history, Office dictionary modifications, Added Fonts which I use in different programs, softwares logs/user history etc etc. that kind of information would be lost if I reinstall the OS.
Can I do a "File & Settings Transfer Wizard" for my current Windows User and then apply it afer reinstalling the OS? will virus stike back with this method?

Secondly, I think Microsoft Essential Antivirus + Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is doing good at the moment. I don't have the issues with sality virus, seems ok to me now.
The new programs I installed or reinstalled after clearing up the virus are working perfectly afterwards. Just e.g. today I reinstalled the SKYPE and it is working fine now, not giving that error again. I am not sure but I feel that those .exe files that were infected by the Sality were removed or dissociated by the antivirus program. I think may be some crucial system files were also disturbed along with the infected files.

I have no longer any issues with the virus itself right now, what I am experiencing might be the impacts of the virus.

I thought fixing the registry entries or doing some registry modfication would solve the problem permanently for that reason I posted the problem here. I don't know ...

Hi Fellows,

I am facing issue while opening some programs due to bugs in the registry, keep on getting the error message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel" while opening few .exe files, here's the history of events which took me to reach this issue.

3 days back, I pluged in an infected pen drive in my PC (from a friend of mine). Unluckyly, I had antivirus installed (ESET) but it was not working that time due to some "unable to load Kernel" kind of issue.
That allowed the torjan to sneek into my system, caused some problems while opening the drives, folders and files which most of the torjans do.
I downloaded "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" and updated it and run the whole computer scan, it found a virus in /system32 directory named "Sality" and destroyed it that time. But every time I logged off my pc or restart the system, virus was certainly bouncing back again. Repeated same step over and over, scaning and removing it through Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
Then I downloaded MSE antivirus and scan my whole system with that. It worked and fixed that sality bug permanently but now I am facing this annoying problem. **Ok, "FEW .EXE FILES ARE NOT OPERATING, WHEN I OPEN THOSE I GET A POP UP ERROR MESSAGE LIKE "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association ...