haha, you know what I did, I deleted all contents of my host file and before saving made it Read only, now that SOB cant write to it! hhahhahah except noone else can either but oh well lol

ok guys, has anyone ever heard of a program or something in windows that automatically overwrites your host file with a bunch of URL's of sites you visit and IP's associated with them?

I figured out what was wrong last night but I cant fix it. There is some kind of spyware or something that is writing my hosts file for me. I can delete it completely and when I open up IE again my hosts file is BACK and it has all the sites ive visited lately including my SEO guy site with the wrong DNS. ITS NUTS. I have to get rid of this sucker I tell ya

how the heck do I do that? Sorry Im not a hardware guy, I kinda need a handholding here :(

I know its not the dns of the Domain, there is something funky goign on with my specific computer. IT refuses to accespt the fact that the site when I query it is in a different place and still goes to the old IP. Clearing cache, Cookies or anyhting else doesnt help.

OK guys, got this retarted problem, I changed the DNS on one of my sites and it has now fully propogated. When My programmer that sits beside me goes to my forum, he sees the new site new DNS my content writer on the otehr side sees the new site new DNS, when I go to my URL I see the old site old DNS, which is long sinse changed.

I tried flushing my DNS in command prompt, cleared my cookies, got rid of the temp internet files etc etc, but for some reason my stupid computer has a picture in its head that the sites are still at the old DNS and refuses to go anywhere else HELP!

I go here [url]http://www.seo-guy.com/forum/[/url] I see old DNS

I go here (No www) I go here [url]http://seo-guy.com/forum/[/url] I see new DNS


My programmer thinks its a problem with some way windows XP on my machine handles DNS but I dont know

Any insight here is greatly appreciated, how the heck do I purge teh old files from my comp so I can see my site when I type in the URL

Pagerank has absolutely nothing to do with the # of backlinks, you can get a PR 8 with 1 backlink or 100,000 it all just depends on the weight of the representative links that point to you. If a PR 10 site links to you, then your a PR 7-8 guaranteed, just 1 link. If 10,000 PR 4 link to you, then your lucky to get there. It really isnts get 1000 links you'll get this.

Thanks Rex, does it require a recip?

Oh btw Dani, your question about PR is that really there is no difinitive answer lol GEE seo guy that helps. But seriously we have seen non static update regiments sometimes an update will occur and then 2.5 weeks later BOOM another one. Sometimes we get stuck waiting circa 35 days.

Just to keep it simple I usually spit out once every 28-32 days but noone can really answer your question "correctly" we can only show historical data

MMMMMMM work trades, actually I was so impressed with cscgal and her vB knowlege that I hired her part time as my new vB admin <<<little v Big B heh anyways, our arrangement should remain confidential (its actually pretty complicated) however if you would like to speak with me directly about work trades or anything else let me know VIA PM at my forum. Your a member arent you?

Both Overture and Google Adwords have quite good ROI if managed properly, however if you dont do your research ANY PPC can cost you a lot and make you a little. Its all about finding high converting words that dont cost more per acquition in traffic then your making from your net profit.