I have an assignment on the data structures directed graph and I have got this question but
I did not understood what exactly it needs

Here's the question :

There is a list of nodes and edges like





The first line says that there is a link from a node called "A" to a node called 'B". This means for a A to be a useable, it relies on the resource B.

Write a program that should work with any amount of nodes and any amount of links between them. Where you should represent nodes with a Node class, and the set of links for a single node using an STL container of your choice.

Your program should loop and display two items on the screen. The first is a current view of the graph. Secondly, you should list each node and whether it is usable or not. For any current node, if any of the nodes it relies on get deleted that node becomes unusable.

Any one explain me this and help me to solve this ...