Agreed bunnies. When I see an advertisement, Id like them to give reasons why I should buy their product. When I watch a mac commercial, it doesn't tell me why I should by a mac, instead it tells me why I should not buy a Windows PC.

How will this impact the influence of apple in the market? Will intel based macs help Apple get a bigger piece of the market? Is this something that can be a huge threat to Microsoft?

Is Pro, SBE, and Enterprise taking the roll of the "Longhorn Server" products? Or will we see Server versions in addition to these 7?

Correct John, and I have since figured it out...firefox was defaulting to work offline, even if I had a connection. I cleared the check by work offline and was working fine. I feel pretty stupid right now for not catching that sooner.

I looked into why it was starting in offline mode. I found that network manager seems to be the cause. I disabled network manager and now firefox starts in online mode.

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I did a fresh install of Fedora 10 on my laptop. I'm trying to get my wireless nic connected and not having much luck. The setup looks correct, has an ip, but can't access anything. I'm not sure what I am missing.

  1. lspci command returns: 02:01.0 Network Controller(0280): Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection(8086:4220) (rev05)

  2. When I go to system>admin>network the wireless nic shows up on eth0

  3. Wireless settings tab shows
    mode: master
    SSID is set to my wireless SSID(tried auto as well with no luck)
    channel and transmit rate set to auto
    key field is blank, I turned off all security on my router to simplify troubleshooting

  4. Wireless device on eth0 is active

  5. When I run an ifconfig the wireless nic is shown with a correct ip address. I can ping loopback address, router, my desktop and websites(by name and ip)

When I activate the wireless eth0 I first get a brief error that says SET failed on device eth0; invalid argument, but then it continues to obtain ip info and activates successfully.

Any ideas?

I stick with firefox even though it's memory leaks drive me nuts. But the restore session is nice so when firefox does crash I can pick up where I left off.

You should stop contradicting yourself. First you say:
[QUOTE]Make no mistake, I do not expect nor "demand" that "life should be fair"[/QUOTE]

then you say:
[QUOTE]There needs to be a definition of fair, or not.[/QUOTE]

And pretty much the rest of your post preaches about how life should be fair. Life isn't, nor will it ever be fair. You seem to be upset because their are people that make more money than you. You can either do something about it, or you can complain on a message board about it.

[QUOTE]as for attracting the best person, that's an unsupported statement. you have not shown the equation between best and insanely high salaries to exist.[/QUOTE]

It is no more unsupported then your statement that says "they make alot of money because of corruption"

Answer this: If a CEO made the same amount as a bagger at a grocery store, what incentive would there be to take the job as a CEO? If you have 2 equally paying jobs, people will take the job that requires the least amount of work.

Offering higher salaries attracts more people to the position. Take a look at Google. They supposedly have a lot of work perks and a good work enviroment etc. Because of this they get a lot more resumes which means they have more to pick from. This ensures they will get the best.

Supply and demand also has an effect. How many people are qualified to be a CEO vs customer service rep? When you have skills that are in low supply you will get paid more.

With that said, I hate CEO's that snub the little guy. The reason CEO's can make that much money is because of the worker bees at the bottom doing all the work. Without them, they would be out of business.


You don't want to mess with share permissions too much. They are rather basic and only apply when a user is accessing a file or folder over the network. NTFS permissions apply to all users, local or network.

When determining what applies to whom remember this: when combining share and NTFS permissions, the most restrictive permissions between the two will be applied. For example, on a folder you have share permissions: everyone, read and NTFS permissions: everyone modify, it will take the most restrictive permissions, so someone accessing this folder across the network would only have read permissions. Lets the same person logged on to the machine locally, share permissions would not apply, because he is not going across the network. In this case only NTFS permissions would apply so he would have modify permissions.

Since the most restrictive permissions are used, and NTFS permissions apply to everyone while share permissions only apply to network users, it is common that an admin will set share permissions to full control - everyone. The admin will then use the NTFS permissions to restrict the files and folders as necassary. By putting share permissions at full control - everyone, the NTFS permissions will always be the most restrictive. This simplifies where ot set the permissions, while giving you more control as NTFS gives you more options for restricting access.


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I got 4, 5 if my debit card counts(works like a credit, minus the "debt" part).

2 cards with no balance, 1 card with some balance that I don't use, just a matter of paying it off. And the 4th is a work credit card that I only use when I travel for work.

I'm pretty good with my credit cards. Ran them up a bit during college to survive. Rarely use them now. I use my debit card, that way I know when I buy something I already have the money for it.

[QUOTE=Ancient Dragon;442895]Is is really all that hard to go 130 mph when riding down a mountain sloap; now do that riding UP hill and that would be a grand achievement. ? Certainly Mr. Stoeckl diserves all the glory and attention for doing it, but I would think it could be somewhat easily achieved by other athletes.[/QUOTE]

Actually it is an accomplishment. Alot more goes into than just jumping on a bike riding down a hill. Riding on snow isn't easy. Riding on snow at 130mph and not losing control is certainly an accomplishment. He beat the previous record by 14mph that was set 8 years ago. If it is so easily achievable, I'm sure someone would have done it before now.

Free speech does not give you the right to fight the cops. The kid got what he deserved because this was nothing more than one of his planned publicity stunts. Had he not resisted the cops would have took him outside and let him go.

I'm single, would like to get married but don't see happening. I'm one of those people that are meant to be alone.

Entertainers need to do just that, entertain and leave politics out of it. If I go to a concert, movie, or whatever, I go for entertainment, not for a lesson in politics.

I'm too geeky/nerdy to be able to get a girlfriend

[QUOTE]True, but the only way to discover some exploits is by trying it yourself.[/QUOTE]

That line might work had you only done it once, reported the flaw and been done with it. I am scrolling through todays log right ot see you are still doing it. This is not about trying to be "helpful" it's about you just trying to cause problems. Your reputation precedes you Josh.

[QUOTE=christina>you;407747]I don't understand why people can't have their own opinions, without arguing and explaining why every time.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the internet.

I took it last year. Wasn't able to go back either. What I meant is that I was so short on time, I had to go with gut instinct on my answers. No time to double check and make sure I didn't miss something in the question.

I spent too much time on the sims and had like 30 minutes to do the rest of the exam. I made it, but had no time to double check my answers.

Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, but Laziness Always Pays Off Now

Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important...

It Could Be that the Purpose of Your Life Is Only to Serve as a Warning to Others.

Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups.

There Are No Stupid Questions, But There Are A Lot Of Inquisitive Idiots.

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[QUOTE=Ezzaral;401861]Well, you have to wonder how much different things would have been these past 7 years if the courts hadn't appointed Bush in the 2000 election. Gore won the popular vote.[/QUOTE]

Popular vote has never been used to determine an election in this country.

As far as the live earth thing goes, Al Gore is nothing but a hypocrite. Just look at the motorcade he travels around in.

[QUOTE=joshSCH;400736] When someone finally answered, it was an idiot.. She kept saying something like, "well do you have the wires connected right? I don't think you have the wires connected right." I just wanted to tell her to shut the hell up.. 'course I got the damn wires connected right.. doesn't take a damned fool to read instructions. They had to call out a service dude, and it turned out the box was bad ;).[/QUOTE]

There are alot of idiots in the world. Many who cannot read instructions. Call center people ask that stupid questions because more often than not it is because someone can't read instructions. I used to never ask if a persons caps lock key was on when they called up and said they cannot log in. I thought people were smart enough to check, but I was wrong. Thats the first thing I ask because most of the time it works.

The other reason is because they are required to ask. You know the message that says "calls are recorded for quality assurance" Thats how they are evaluated. People in call centers are drones. They are not allowed to think for themselves. They have to follow the book even when the book is wrong. In the end, they probably care more about their paycheck then helping you.

I've had LG phones for the last 7-8 years, all worked great.

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[QUOTE=joshSCH;396758]The only roller coaster I have been on is runaway mountain at 6 flags.. It's all in a dark area so I can't see how high up I am :)[/QUOTE]

You want a scare, ride a ski lift. Some of those go pretty high up and you just dangle from it. Add in some winds and you feel like you have to hold on for life.

[QUOTE=Aia;396347]I going to save you a post, by just saying for you. I was just kidding.[/QUOTE]

Are you sure he's kidding, maybe his real name is Jason Bourne :P

I thought it didn't come out until next week? Shows how much I pay attention to movies. I'll probably wait a week or two. I saw Pirates on opening weekend and the overpacked theater was too annoying.

I thought Pearl Harbor was ok...well, the second half was.

Social Security good? LOL Maybe in concept. But not in implementation, along with welfare and public education. The US government is horribly inefficient. All this does is give more control to the government. Once the government gets hold of healthcare it will not give it back. Just another step towards socialized America.