Squires 81 Junior Poster

I have a Brother HL-1440 laser printer in an office. The toner cartridge was just recently changed, and now the print is lighter with the new toner cartridge than with the old one.

Initially the drum light was yellow, I fixed that by reseting the page counter after changing the new catridge, that light is now green.

I checked the printer properties to see that no toner saving settings were turned on.

This leads me to one of 2 conclusions, the new toner cartrige is bad, or the drum needs to be replaced. With all things, money is the bottom line, and laser printer parts can be expensive. Which part do you think the problem is?

Brother toner cartridge run for about 50 bucks, drums for about 150, and a new printer is 170-200. If it is the drum, I'd be better off getting a new printer.

The printer was purchased in August of 2003. The toner has been changed 4 times since then, every 4-5 months:
Dec 2003
May 2004
September 2004
January 2005