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Well, I gues I can try to give you some hints. The following should go inside the loop

First of all, every month the babies age's
[code]adultRabbits += babyRabbits;[/code] Then you get yourself some new baby's
[code]babyRabbits = adultRabbits;//since every copple produce an copple[/code] Then you add to the month and calculate total
total = adultRabbits + babyRabbits;[/code] Then you can print it out
[code]cout << "\n" << month << "\t" << adultRabbits << "\t" << babyRabbits << "\t" << total;[/code] Then check wether they are with more then 500
[code]if (total > 500){break;}[/code]
makes the total code:
adultRabbits += babyRabbits;
babyRabbits = adultRabbits;//since every copple produce an copple
total = adultRabbits + babyRabbits;
cout << "\n" << month << "\t" << adultRabbits << "\t" << babyRabbits << "\t" << total;
if (total > 500){break;}

I haven't tested or debugged this so it could contain bugs. I hope you get the general idea though.

What language is this, Basic? This is the C/C++ forum, please ask your question in the forum for the appropiate lanuage.

Write C++ statements to accomplish each of the following:
a) Display the value of the seventh element of character array f.
b) Input a value into element 4 of single-subscripted floating-point array b.
c) Initialize each of the 5 elements of single-subscripted integer array g to 8.
d) Total and print the elements of floating-point array c of 100 elements.
e) Copy array a into the first portion of array b. Assume double a[ 11], b[ 34];
f) Determine and print the smallest and largest values contained in 99-element floating-point array w.[/quote]Well, that's an pretty simple asignment and if you have payed attention in class/course will you be able to figure it out. If you need any help with it then ask it here again!

I have not looked into your code (I'm to lazy) and I can't poker either. I think you can do it by making an buffer array (where you store the cards in) of 4 elements and an second boolean array to of 4 elements[code]int buffer[4]; bool array[4];[/code]Find out what combination of cards you need for an flash, let's say that that is card 1,2,3 and 4. I store those in my second array.
array[0] = 1;
array[1] = 2;
array[3] = 3;
array[4] = 4;
[/code] then make an function to check wether the entered card (in the function) exists in the array array.
bool checker(int card)
for(int a = 0; a < 4; a++)
if(card == array[a]){array[a] = 0; return true;}
return false;
[/code]then just check your buffer array
for(int a = 0; a < 4; a++)
//not a flush
[/code]Hope I didn't gave away to much but I really suck at giving hints :/
I didn't tested this code, it's up to you to debug it. I hope you get what I'm trying to explain.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
     char value[10] = { 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f','g','h','i','j'};
     for ( int a = 0; a < 10; a++)
         cout << value[a] << endl;

Next time post your code in [inlinecode][/inlincode] tags.

I to don't entirly get what you are trying to do. So I altered your code to display al array elements. To display only the 7th element will be(untested):

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    char array[10] = {'a','b','c','d','e','f','g','h','i','j'};
    cout << "The value is: " << array[7] << "." << flush;

Go over the basics of C++ again, you made some pretty big mistakes in those.

Edit: to late

It could be that you step over it because you still have the enter pressed from the first question. try doing something like:
[code]while(kbhit()){}[/code] to wait for it to unpress enter (this function might require the header conio.h, but I'm not sure :P). At least make some code to give you time to release enter after the first question(sometimes might adding another cin.get(); work)

[quote=darkeinjel04;256062]Can anyone help me w/ me make a program of pascal triangle[/quote]
This is properbly an school asignment, and if you read the rules and regulations: [quote=cscgal]We only give homework to those who show effort[/quote]
So at least show some effort and explain the problem properly (must it be in command prompt, how many rows for you triangle), tell what you already have tried andpost your current code.

You get an error: "This item doesn't fit in the Vending machine"

I put in the internet

[quote=hay_man;253174]unfortunately, passing in one parameter is a precondition given to me by my lecturer. I too was puzzled by this.[/quote]
Try using an global variable instead of passing one
for example:
[code]include ;

using namespace std;

int global;

void show()
cout << "The value is: " << global << endl;

int main()
global = 10;
global = 988;

I haven't tested this, but you should get the idea.

@yogi_bear_2k2: You have to press last page to get to the last page, at least, I think that is what went wrong.

Barry Mannilow --> singer

Off course it's possible, ever heard of googlebot? You might want to [search]google[/search] for that one (lol, had to try those new tags out).

I don't know how to get an feed in C++ (yet), but I know that it is fairly easy in PHP. And PHP to got some good string functions.
So, I would advise:

  1. Search the function to get an feed of an site
  2. Search for href=" and then take the postition after the "
  3. Take the string to the next "
  4. Store it in an file (you can then set an link to the file on your site)

You might want to adjust the way to find links, Since there are many ways of writing things(like href' instead of href"). If you want to do it like allthe time with updates and stuff you should try another language (like Java, C++).

Hope it helped!

What do you mean under bot? Do you want an Chatbot? An fpsbot? An robot? Don't you mean AI? AI is complicated but do-able. Please tell us more about wat for sort of bot you would like, otherwise will it be really hard to try to help you :P

[URL=""]Here[/URL] is an code snippet with the code, but if you don't want to ruin the thinking I will try to give you an hint

Firstly: Take care of negative input (How does binary look when negative? Does the formule work on an negative number?)

Secondly: Maybe should you make sure that the loop occures at least once

Thirdly: You might have the binary The wrong way around when you get out of the loop, try to reverse it in an second loop

Int the loop itself: You should [quote=snippet]//whittle down decimal[/quote] and [quote=snippet]
[I]// makes characters 0 or 1 [/quote][/I]
Lol, I'm kind of speaking in riddles. Hope it points you quite in the right direction, if not, just forget it and look into the snippet :P.

[quote=~s.o.s~;251648]Yes just follow Mr. Anonymusius's advice and keep some things in mind:[/quote]
[B]Mr.[/B] Anonymusius, I like that :P

[quote=~s.o.s~;251648]1. Avoid the use of global variables since its a bad programmign practice.[/quote]
But in small programm's like this doesn't it really matter, but in large programm's is it an bad habbit.

[quote=~s.o.s~;251648] 3. Another operator which can be used for conditional checking is the ternary operator ?:
[code]bool isEven = ((a % 2) == 0) ? true : false ;[/code][/quote]
Ternary, so that's how that thing is called. No need to overcomplicate it, There is an easy [inlinecode]if(){} else {}[/inlinecode] replacement for beginners.



using namespace std;

//declare the variable's
int total;
int number_buffer = 1;

//create an function that check's the number, putt's out wther it's odd or even and adds it to the total variable
bool checker(int number)
if(number == 0){return false;}
cout << number << " is odd" << endl;
} else {
cout << number << " is even" << endl;
total += number;

int main()
//request user input
cin >> number_buffer;
//continue to ask input unill 0 is entered, iff 0 is entered does checker return's false, else true.
while(checker(number_buffer)){cin >> number_buffer;}
//show the total
cout << "Total: " << total;
return 0;
This will get you an end in the right direction. You might want to check the basic syntax out again, you made some mistakes in that to.

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Please to post [inlinecode]bufferclass::get_number()[/inlinecode]
Helping you without it is really hard. Even if you know for sure it works, helping you is way easier with it.

CPU hours to

(Check the dani folding@home thread or my signature :P)

Wow, what a story. I admire your strength that you still want to make the best of it. I hope you'l get what you want to find here. I'm sure everyone wants to give you support.

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they wanted to

I like them, usefull for quickly seeing where an thread is about.

So an Yay! From me.

What do you want us to do? Send you an FAQ? Help you send an FAQ to someone else?

I can tell you that the C/C++ board is in the top bar under software development.

Welcome to the community!

you should post within code tags. Because you didn't used those tags do you get al kind of weird error's when copying pasting the code, for example:
[code]//##############################################################################[/code] become's:

[/code] with an enter in it.

To I don't think that many people will work there way to such an giant piece of code, try to localize the problem and post example code with the problem in it.

To I don't toally get what you need to do. Make something about airflight reservation? Can you be a little more specific?

Try to edit you post while you still can, and please at propper indention (tab's).

I don't know glut, but if you want to make an counter this is not the way, [inlinecode]int counter[/inlinecode] get's out of scope as soon as the function ends, with the data lost. You can best (I think) make an global variable or an automatic variable in main called counter and then add it if the button is pressed. To I don't get what you put in this function. You already tell the function wether what mouse button is pressed / not pressed? How do you call this function (with what arguments)?

Dave answered your question, and you may assume you learned what he said on school/course before they give you such an assignment. You missed a lot of semicolons and data types, you might want to go over the basics again, you need to understand those before trying to do something.

Another tip:[inlinecode] mainCourse = MEAT + "with" + VEGGIE + "and" // 9+ STARCH; // 10[/inlinecode]
Replace that with:[inlinecode] mainCourse = MEAT + " with " + VEGGIE + " and " + STARCH; // 10[/inlinecode]

spaces are important!

I would do it this way (I am not an good programmer I and I only code C++, So I can only give you and Idea)

First make the protoytpes:
[COLOR=#000000]draw_circle(int x,int y,float diameter)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]draw_intersect/I don't understand what they mean with this/[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]draw_base(int x1, int y1,int x2,int y2) /I assume they mean an normal line with this/[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]draw_triangle(int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2,int x3,int y3);[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]draw_rectangle(int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2);[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]skip_5_lines/To don't understnad this one/[/COLOR]
Then just make one extra function:[inlinecode]draw_point(int x,int y);[/inlinecode]

I don't feel like doing the math on this one, but figure out how to draw an line using the draw_point function + loop(s).

Then the draw_rectangle is just drawing 4 lines.
The the draw_triangle is just drawing 3 lines.
Draw_circle should be done with an formula + draw_point.

You see that you can just fill all in using themself, now you just need to find an way to use an Graphic library to activate draw_point.

You might want to make draw_point an inline function, since it is used so much.

I hope this helped

[quote=jwenting;250222]people who deliberately (which means in large quantity, and despite being told not to) continue to use SMS speak should be banned.[/quote]
I don't think so, as cscgal said:
[quote=cscgal][I] We strive to be a community geared towards the professional. We strongly encourage all posts to be in full-sentence English. Please do not use "leet" speak or "chatroom" speak. Additionally, use [bbcode] only when it is necessary to the comprehension of your post. Avoid using an excessive amount of [bbcode] to alter font styles.[/I][/quote]There is no explicit rule against it, and most of the time will an gentle nudge in the right direction get the gramma' criminals back on track. Mostly it are (I think) just people who quickly registered and make an first post in the q&a boards who write in such style.

[quote=digitalocksmith]touche` to all of the above![/quote]
watch that and then review your statement ;)

I don't know what browser you are using, but in Firefox it is:
Extra -> Options -> Privacy -> Saved Forms

I translated this quite literally from the duth version of it. But more info on what you are using on that laptop would be really helpfull if you want some serious support.

You should use indention for proper readability, make's it easier to code and it make's it easier to help.

I'm not an very good coder, but I think You could do it with:
int weight = 0;
while(weight <= digit)
//Loop code
But I don't really see why you would specificly want to use an while loop, it's not good to point yourself to the type your gonna use (unless it's for learning purpose :P)

To you do
[COLOR=#0000ff]int[/COLOR] decimalnum;
decimalnum = 0;
[/code] Which could be easily replaced with
int decimalnum = 0;
Hope it helped.

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