Ok, so, I've been scrounging around the internet looking for a decent C++ Keylogger that is able to be hidden (Not showing a console window) and have been very unsuccessful, I need help building one or finding one that works PROPERLY. I use Codeblocks compiler, similar to Dev-Cpp. Any help would be much oblidged!


No, the licensing system is another challenge I have set a goal for myself and I want to write it into a pawn program I am producing.

Would you be willing to help me with a project?

happygeek commented: this is starting to become very spammy, you even PM'd me asking the same - please stop it!!! +0

Did you just call me a thing?

Well of course I have posted no code! Im looking for a partner to work on it with!

Yes That Would work if I didn't NEED gotoxy, If I didn't need it I would'nt have posted this article.

I have just joined daniweb 1 day ago and I have posted 3 articles, No help whatsoever, not even a comment! This is clearly the WORST Help website i've ever used! I regret joining!