Yup i would like to take that magic pills i want to see how earth is doing and how planet mars will be like if those scientist succeed making it our second planet... I'm just curious

I love programming because i very happy when i finish my project i feel like i getting better and better everyday and its more chalenging.

There are lots of programing language i want to study
and i dont know why i'm very excited with it.

maybe i born to become a programmer :D

Hello from me! :D

harreymartin commented: Hi :) +0

My friend ask me that question and still now i can't figure it out. Lol!

allright i understand Merry Christmas Everyone :)

@lastmitch how come that you can give such an effort just to meet her in this christmas?

@LastMitch is that your friend or is it the girl you dream of?

if i can't afford to buy a new phone. Then i just want to relax and celebrate the christmas season and also the new year :)

i suggest learn the basic first..

Hi welcome Tapan Good Luck in your studies daniweb can help you out :)

Well for me i want to have a new phone or Cash :)

Wow.. seeing this thread makes me want to study other language..
Hmmm.. it seems that no Holiday Vacation from me this year :)