Its alright! I understand, hopefully this summer I will be able to start looking into using PHP and MYSQL.

Thanks LastMitch!

I will be using a lot of the functionality from the tailspin spyworks application, but my class requires me to do atleast a 3 teir architecture between the presentation, business logic and data access layers.

My main concern is that I get the relationships between all of my tables setup properly before I proceed with actually creating the tables, stored procedures and triggers.

Im trying to figure out what all I should have within my shopping cart table, what do you think about it?

Heres an updated link:

Thanks for the help LastMitch!

No, sorry, I have only used MS SQL and ASP.NET

I dont have a site that functions, just a simple front end. As of right now, (how im planning) is for it to only have three types of products.

Here is a link to my ERD


I dont guess anyone could help me out on setting up my products tables could they?

I did search and read through these posts:

But I'm still not sure, Currently my site will only have 3 separate products, each with their own set of attributes.

How should I post my ERD? I have it as public on my picasa album.

Thanks ahead of time for any help/feedback !!!!