[QUOTE=vegaseat;556458]I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.
-- Winston Churchill[/QUOTE]

The version I've always heard goes something like this:
(Participants: LA = Lady Astor, WC = Churchill)

LA: Winston, you're drunk.
WC: And you, madam, are ugly. But in the morning I shall be sober.

And another one listed on her ladyship's wikipedia page:

[quote=Wikipedia]And in another similar instance with Winston Churchil in his fabled tangle with Lady Astor, who'd allegedly said she'd probably sleep with him for a £1 million.

When Winston suggested £10, Astor snorted: "What kind of woman do you think I am?"

To which Winston is said to have replied: "We've established what you are; now we're just haggling over the price."[/quote]


[QUOTE=sneekula;554909]I think it depends on what type of steel and type of spider you are talking about.[/quote]

Dunno about his spiders; the one I recall reading about was something like 'Golden Orb Weaver'.

[QUOTE=sneekula;554909]Silk from the Black Widow spider was used by the US military in its WW2 bomb sights.[/QUOTE]




I've looked over the site a bit; I'll admit what I've done is more skim than scan, but I've looked at some of it. I'll try to get more done over the coming weekend, or over the week if I discover extra free time; this is looking to be a possibility, although I cannot yet say how probable.

I do, however, have one question: In looking over the history listings, I saw that the CDC had the US definition of AIDS upgraded occasionally, but that appeared to be it. Has the African definition ever been upgraded, or are they still using the [URL="


[QUOTE=GrimJack;551482]Sigh! I was a life-time giver - gave over 10 gallons in 25 years then I had some minor liver problems and my system was flooded with Hep. anti-bodies and now i can no longer give (though I still do pheresis when I can find the time).

Maybe they should set up donation stations at Trek/sci-fi conventions.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for being a donor. I've given some in the past, but right now I'm on some kind of medication which, if I understand correctly, means I'm not going to be able to. Although this isn't its official purpose, one of the side effects does deal with lowering blood pressure.


[QUOTE=neocoder;550306]Their emphasis has turned away from rehabilitation towards profit.[/QUOTE]

Please explain to me why the emphasis was ever on rehabilitation in the first place. I was always under the impression that the purpose of prisons wasn't to [I]rehabilitate[/I] criminals, but to [I]keep them away[/I] from potential future victims, at least for a time.


[QUOTE=atish00;549822]"ladies first" adam ate the apple first.[/QUOTE]

If you're going to reference that, then please get the point right. One, it wasn't an apple, and two, Eve ate it first. Adam's crime was that he [I]knew[/I] what it would do, and he neither stopped Eve, nor refused it himself.


[QUOTE=GrimJack;548376]Please don't go looking for that reference - I think you are still looking up a different reference for me[/QUOTE]

Trying to track down the reference materials now; the author's footnote didn't mention the study itself, it mentioned a set of periodical materials that I'm assuming he drew his information from.


[QUOTE=GrimJack;548147]The Merc Index carefully avoids using 'most toxic substance' because 'there can only be one' but they do list interesting comparisons but first I need to explain LD50 - this is the concentration that will kill 50% of a given population (I guess kind of like the half life in radioactivity).
Plutionium is .o15 per kg[/QUOTE]

I'm assuming that 'Plutionium' is plutonium, and the dose is .o15 [I]what[/I] per kg? And how sure is this; I remember reading about a guy who offered to eat the stuff. Apparently, it was some kind of challenge to Ralph Nader, pound per pound, although I don't recall what Nader was supposed to eat. I'll have to go find that reference again.


[QUOTE=scru;548095]I want you to think, just not so much :P.

Sort of like having a passionate opinion.

What about the accents? They are both annoying if you ask me, but when I get pretentious I prefer using a british accent rather than an american one. It sounds pretty much cooler.[/QUOTE]

Define 'American Accent', please.

We're large enough we've got numerous accents, not a single one that's specifically [I]the[/I] American accent. For a small sampling of the stereotypicals:

The Bostonian native will [I]pahk[/I] his [I]cah[/I] before going into a building.
-These 'r's apparently migrate, as...
The Texans, supposedly, all invest in [I]erl[/I] wells,
And, of course, a good speaker of 'Southern' will inform you that you need to light the [I]far[/I] once it gets [I]dock[/I] outside.

These are the particular stereotypical accents I know of, though I've been informed that the Appalachian mountains have their own as well, a relative to the pre-brogue Scots accent.

My preference, frankly, is for 'Southern', not because of the accent, but because, with the (mostly)death of Middle English, this dialect is the only version of English which remains (to my knowledge, at least) to bear the distinction between the singular and plural forms of the second person. (Although admittedly, it does this indirectly.)


[QUOTE=Ancient Dragon;547515]meals -- they are probably bigger which is why we are fatter. If there is ever a world-wide famine we will be the only people on earth who will survive.[/QUOTE]

Depends on the source. If the source of the famine were some kind of blight (disease sense) or devastation upon our fields, we'd probably go down first.

And can it be described as a famine if food is available, but the means to transport it isn't? I was reading a book a while back which had the premise of a massive solar flare hitting the earth, and the difficulty of transporting goods and people without the tech we've become used to was one of the things it touched on.