PPC is a great way to generate the leads as well as traffic. But, its requires huge amount of traffic. In PPC, strategies are important. Please, share your strategies, if you are getting a relevant leads and traffic.

hi.. i want to know the procedure .Anyone tell the websites where can i Learn the Leads generation way ?

Hi.I want to know about how to generates the leads ? What is exact strategy, i can follow ?

Yahoo and Bing loves the Title and Keyowrds Provided in the websites. Basically,Both takes long time to provide ranking.

Latest announcement is google changes in algorithm on Feb,2013.Some of the Keywords rank has changed due to this alogorithms changes,

Snippets is a good way to gain the user as well as search engines attention. Its a good part of SEO. Different Different way to apply on Websites.

Which type is useful for directory submission ? Either which process is helpful.? Anyone can explain me the details of what type of process applied for SEO. ?

Quality Content on Websites.
No Duplicate Content on Websites.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the intentional standards organization for the World Wide Web (W3). It is a consortium where member of the staff decides that the designing.

SEO is a way to incraese the page rank and gain traffic from Search engines. Two types of SEO - Onpage and OffPage Optimization.

All are important for SEO. Press Release helps in get more traffic, blog and article helps in get backlinks as well as traffic.

Check the sitemap properly. Sometimes, its difficult to find the issues.Add the sitemap to robots.txt file.I think, you can get solution for this.

Do not work on social bookmarking. it takes time to get traffic.Start posting on article submission and forum posting . It helps you alot to get instant traffic.

DA is Domian Authority,its measure according to domain name and type of search engine ranking factors.While, PA is Page Authority, its meassure according to individual authority provided in page.

I am also want to put a ad on my blog. Anyone can explain the details of Google Adwords and how to put on my blog ?

PR Means Page Rank.Their value is 5,6,7 means pagae rank 5, page rank 6, page rank 7. Page Rank can be check by the help of tool.Page Rank Checker is best tool to check the Page Rank.

How to decide the budget before running PPC ?anyone, explain the proper way to run the ppc campaigns and get proft and generate the leads.

XAMPP is a type of Local host.Its combination of MySql,Apache,Windows. But, its differ from WAMP in one way, it runs automatically all features. I am using XXamp in local server.

Social Bookmarking helps you to boost the traffic and inform the search engine for Crawling.Its also show your visiblity online and helps to increase the business.

I am using SEOQuake and Majestic SEO tools.Both helps me alot in SEO Work. Please, use it.

It depends on you and content of your article using for promotion.

Start the Proper SEO procedure. It helps you out to increase page rank and traffic.

charlijoseph commented: Thanks for reply . dreamcyberdci i have already applied seo procedure. But still having page rank 4. +0

After penguin, Google updated the EMD Updates. this updates is exact match domain.Google announced the EMD Update, a new filter that tries to ensure that low-quality sites don't rise high in Google's search results simply because they have search terms in their domain names

Great post and good way to explain all strategies.I am sure , I am follow this steps and develop a good websites.

SMO is part of SEO. SMO is Social media optimiZation helps in generating traffic and website promotion.You can generate the leads and enhanced your business with the help of SMO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, that helps in increase the page rank.

Google Loves original content.If you are using duplicate content in pages.Its agffects your page rank.Avoid the canonical concept and try to used quality content.

You can use Keyword Pro. Its also a good tool,but its paid version and 7 days trial version also available.

Fotolog, woophy, 500px, Fotki, instagram are the important photosharing websites.

I didn't get when the need of PPC more ? What is right way to applied the PPC ? Any tutorials help me

are the best blogging sites.It helps you alot.