hello diafol,

Thank you for your reply. Actually i was not having any idea on what composer does. So i thought it is essential in running/executing a project developed in laravel. That's why I askied the question.Now I am going ahead with Laravel.


Previously I have worked on codeigniter Framework. Since codeigniter developers are not even sure about version 3.0 , I decided to work with a better/new framwork.

The problem is, whichever the Framework I choose, it needed Composer to work on. First I choose laravel, then symfony , later cakephp. But usually in shared hosting services, they won't allow to install composer.

What is the better option I have ?


I have linux based hosting. I need to upload and work the jsp/servlet pages. after i uploaded the files into the hosting, when i checked the files , it shows the code itslef. How to fix this. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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hello..welcome to daniweb :)

hello..welcome to daniweb :)

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what kind of restore that you are talking about? is it about recovering?

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what do you mean by domain value loss ?


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