How do you mean by 24 hour clock? U mean something like this:

class 24time{
    24time(int hour, minute){
        if(hour <= 24  && minute <= 60){
            print(hour + ":" + minute);
            return 0;
        return 1;

Have you tried macros or VBA?

You already asked the question here

First of all, if you build a computer with that budget, you will find yourself with a pc bthat works like a 400 dollar machine, especially with those parts. I tend to veer right away from AMD proccessors as my expereeince in IT companies tell me they are usually crap, stick with Intel. The rest of it looks quite good. Bear in mind though that your motherboard needs to be able to support your graphics card and RAM.

Great Work!

I liked your attitude. I am currently working towards a major programming competition and it really helps just to remember that I originally joined to have fun. I am inspired by what you have done.
Thankyou and good luck! :)

Could you please post the whole section of code including variable declarations etc.

Tile Tabs Allows you to view your tabs in tiles, thus allowing you to view them all at the same time
No Script Awesome, allows you to customize certain websites, best for manipulating youtube and google is probably not the best language for coding a barcode reader. I would try C++, Assembly or something along those lines.
Hope I helped

I have the same problem as well. Defender also takes up a LOT of disk usage. Make sure you do not have a security scan starting at start up. Also, use task manager to stop unnecessary startup programs.
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Is this because of Windows Smartscreen? Because if it is, just click/press on More Info and then click/press the button run anyway.
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