List your business in Local business directories through which you can increase your business visibility.

Promote in Social media like facebook,twitter,Google+ which helps to drive instant traffic.

Get quality backlinks to your website through link building activities like Blog commenting,Forum participation,Web 2.0 submission,Article submission etc..

Sitemap is nothing but the list of URL's that your website have.. To generate sitemap you can use

For ecommerce websites social media is the best platform to drive instant traffic..Apart from Social media Classifieds also helps to get business..

I will sugget you to go through with PPC rather than Email-marketing..

Social Media is the best way to drive instant traffic to your ecommerce website..

Classified is well suites for local products/services through which you can make your business visible..

Social media is the best platform through which you can get instant result..

I will suggest you to go for Paypal..

Yes I do agrree with your point..E-commerce is one of the cheapest means of doing business as it is ecommerce development that has made it possible to reduce the cost of promotion of products and services..

SEO is more important through which we can get top place on Search engine,which inturn called as SEM.

I will suggest you to start travel related project or related to cosmetics which is having high search volume as well as high competation..But you should have quality services then only you can succeed in this competation World..Once you start your business,promote it by listing in local business directories and make your business visible.

Telemarketing is one form of the business advertizement which offers immediate feedback & valuable information that can be quickly analyzed..

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To get good keyword ranking you have to optimize your site by posting good,unique content in high PR social bookmarking sites,wed directories,forums posting..

Advantages of business listing in SEO are as follows :
Provide good visibility for your Business
Increase traffic flow for your Business
Business can be exposed easily and get accessed to wide market in very small time.
It is easiest and cheapest way to boost your business

Press releases will tel about new services added to the company,whereas articles will tel about general description about old and new services provided by the company..

Title plays an important role in bringing traffic..It should contain main keyword also service of that site in an attractive manner..

Ofcourse PR is important..To increase your site PR post good quality content in high PR article submission sites,do forum posting,submit your content under related category in directory submission..Ypu will get good backlinks, which inturn increases PR..

While posting an add you should concentrate on Title,Content..If you provide attractive title,content then you will get more traffic..

To get backlinks all are important..Morethan that you should concentrate on quality of the content,and post that quality content in high page rank that your site will be crawled by search engines and finally your site gets more visibility and backlinks..

The web directories are the best places through which your business website can be identified in a proper way.They will hold one way links of all additional web sites and are arranged according to different categories to make best use of.
Advantages :
Increases visibility of your website.
Gives more back links to your site which inturn increases reputation of your site.
Increases traffic flow for your site.
Helps to get higher rankings on the search engines.