c language is king i think but i dont know about much

i also want to know this trick that how to improve likes for my fb pages and for your information for smo you should use groups not page

actually seo is also a battle of keywords and in seo keywords are your weapons so you can imagine how imporatant they are so people conentrate on them to make them better

i also need this plz inform me about tools which will help which automatically generate backlinks or at least reduce our work

great information. blog commenting is the most necessary part of it.

great post who dont know about web business. seo is the main part of web business and an essential pasrt

plz any one i need more guidance about link wheel and link buiding. if any one knows plz guide me

some tools are available which automatically submit your website to many directories search them on google. best of luck

But showing my blogg url in comment may cause to ban my account in forums. Am i right ? Guide me plz

But i never used .com domain

I am a newbie i made many blogs having good quality content but my page impression were never crossed from 70. Please some one tell me one or two basic rules to generate a good traffic for my blog which really makes a huge difference