I have a view say a Button, i made a border for it in a paint application, now i wwant to use that border as the border for my button, how can i do that in such a way that it looks well on all screen sizes?

well i am trying to create a map of my residential block. Is it possible to use graph data structure as backend and buttons as GUI?

Is there a way to develop a GUI which has graph data structure at the backend so that if we want to have information about a particular node or edge, we just tap its corresponding GUI representation and the app gives us the required info?

I am trying to iterate through a string and save the characters in a character array. It iterates perfectly and prints the characters but when I try to save the characters in the Array or in a List, it gives me NullPointerException. Can anyone point out the mistake I am doing here?

try {

                    List<String> result = Files.readAllLines(Paths.get("C:\\Users\\Rehan\\Documents\\NetBeansProjects\\Marks\\build\\classes\\marks\\input.txt"));
                    List<Character> marksC = null;                     
                    for(String line : result ){
                      //Reversing each line of string                        
                      StringBuilder sb =  new StringBuilder(line);
                      String RS = sb.toString();
                      //To read first sequence of integers in reversed string                            
                      StringCharacterIterator si = new StringCharacterIterator(RS, 0);
                        for(int i = 0; i <= RS.length() ; i++){
                            while (si.current()!=' '){
                                char c = si.current();
                                marksC.add(c); //This line giving NullPointerException
                    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, result);


What about free cloud services?

Okay, but what if i save the videos and they just have to retrieve it? I searched free cloud services and got some such as justcloud.com so if i save my videos and pictures on justcloud, is it possible to stream the video or see the images in my app after synching?

I know these cloud services provide their own android apps but i want to synch the data through my app.

Hi all,

Is it possible to use cloud storage services such as google drive or dropbox to be used as an online storage for my app?

I am developing an app which will be using an online server or storage to retrieve media files like videos and pictures.

I dont want to buy a server so would it be possible for the users to save and retrieve files through cloud services?

Hi everyone, When i click on the ireport icon, it shows the splash screen but then nothing happens. I tried to override the default jdk path in ireport.conf file and changed it to the jdk path i am using but it didn't solve the problem. Then i uninstalled the software completely but still the problem persists. Restart didn't solve the problem too. Now what to do? plz guide me. I am using irepor 5.5.1 and jdk 8.0 with netbeans 8.0.

Hi everyone, Please help me to register the sql query exceutor in netbeans and java. I am using ireport 5.5.1 and netbeans 8.0 with jdk 8. The problem is that when i run the reports within netbeans, they run but when i build the project and run it from a jar file, report give the exception of this sql query executor. How to do it? Documentation asks to change the property but i couldn't do it, and i didn;t find any good tutorial on this anywhere.

yeah, i used SimpleDateFormatfor that, and i am using dates in other sections of the app but here in this report, i am having the issue, but i am not getting any exception or error.

Is there any syntax error in this code or query because i am not getting the required report? I have created a JFrame with JDatechoosr. When i select the dates and click view report, it gives me empty report while i know there is data within the specified date range. Kindly help me.

            JasperDesign jd = JRXmlLoader.load("Purchase.jrxml");
            String sql = "select * from purchase where purchase_date between "
                    + "'"+DateChooser_frm.getDate().toString()+"' and '"+DateChooser_to.getDate().toString()+"'";
            JRDesignQuery query = new JRDesignQuery();

            JasperReport jr = JasperCompileManager.compileReport(jd);
            JasperPrint jp = JasperFillManager.fillReport(jr, null,con);


        catch(JRException ex){
            JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, ex);
        catch(Exception ex){
            JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, ex);

Is it possible for an entity to have existence, referential and identifier dependencies at the same time? For example, apartment and building are two entities and apartment is dependent on building. It has all three dependencies.

We want to make a software with our neighborhood map and roads with directions. What would be the best way to do it? Its a university project. Platform would be Android and windows.

I want to put a lot of searchable text in my software, What would be the best option for that, A database or file-Handling system? Platform will be Windows and Android.

Hi, I want to put urdu language text in a software to be searched. How can i do that? Software is like a lot of text and people can search through it to find specific sections or parts. And for those who don't know urdu, it is written like arabic.

Hi, I want to put urdu language text in a software to be searched. How can i do that? Software is like a lot of text and people can search through it to find specific sections or parts. And for those who don't know urdu, it is written like arabic.


the truth is some people are using my wifi without my permission, my neighbours in fact. i want to teach them a lesson. :) I had a password over my router but then it was resetted and i forgot about the passowrd. i came to know yestereday that i did'nt have the password activated and all neighbours were using the net. So now its there time to payback. ;)

I have heard about WireShark software that what can it do. But it snif only my lan card. What if i wanted to snif the router that what other computers on the network are doing? Is there any way to do that?

And Please vote up my question about redirecting streams if you think it is worth it. :)

Is there any Video Tutorial or Course around about redirecting streams?

What is the best and efficient way of redirecting streams from a parent process to child process. There are a number of ways i found out like boost.process, fork() and createprocess(). But what is the best way for windows?

so it means that if i have an array of strings or of characters, i just have to cast the pointers to the respective type in the compare function and it will work, doesn't it?

I can't understand the syntax still.

I want to know how this function is working. I used qsort() function to sort the integers in an array and i found this compare() function on internet. It worked perfectly well but i cannot understand how is it working and what's its logic. Any help?

int compare (const void * a, const void * b)
  return ( *(int*)a - *(int*)b );

this program take inputs for an array having two rows and 5 columns and then add the corresponding elements in each row such as [0][1] + [1][1] and then save the result in another array with five elements. I am facing a logical error in the function filewrite() but i cant figure it out, it all seems right. The sum of the array elements is shown on the screen but when it is written in the file, it is not in the correct format. it means that the correct format is just simple integers but it shows scientific notation type numbers.

I am facing a logical error in the function filewrite() but i cant figure it out, it all seems right. The sum of the array elements is shown on the screen but when it is written in the file, it is not in the correct format.

using namespace std;
void enter(double array[][5]);/*Getting input for array elements*/
void display(double array[][5]);/*Displaying Array Elements*/
void sum(double r[][5]);
void filewrite(double r[][5], double su[5]);
/*Main function starting here*/
    double su[5];
    double r[2][5];
/*Functrion for getting the input for array elements*/
void enter (double r[][5])
for(int i= 0;i < 1;i++)
 for(int j=0;j<5;j++)
    cout<<endl<<"Please enter Numbers for position "<<"["<<i<<","<<j<<"] : ";
 for (int i = 1;i<2;i++)
    for(int j= 0;j<5;j++)
        cout<<endl<<"Please enter numbers for position "<<"["<<i<<","<<j<<"] : ";
/*function for displaying the Array Elements*/
void display(double r[][5])
   for(int i = 0;i<2;i++)
        for (int j=0; j<5;j++)
        cout<<endl<<"The number saved in the position "<<"["<<i<<","<<j<<"] : "<<" is "<<r[i][j];

void sum(double r[][5])
 double su[5] = {0}; 
 for (int i = 0; i<5;i++)
        su[i] = r[0][i] + r[1][i];
        cout<<"The sum of element [0, "<<i<<"] and [1, "<<i<<"] is :"<<su[i]<<endl;
/*Function to write the array elements in the file start here*/
void filewrite(double r[][5], double su[])
    ofstream re;
    re.open("2d array.txt");
        cout<<"File Created"<<endl;
        re<<"\t\t"<<"1 Column"<<"\t"<<"2 Column"<<"\t"<<"3 Column"<<"\t"<<"4 Column"<<"\t"<<"5 Column";
        re<<"First Row";
        for(int i = 0 ...

@Nathan, thanks bro.

I am new to programming and i am now free for 2 months after my exams, i want to learn some basic and very necessary classes or their functions or objects which are used for file folder handling. Kindly suggest some methods which i can learn.

I have to write a code in which i want to use 3 dimensional array but i am reaaly confused that how 2 dimen array is indexed. 2x2 array can easily be indexed 00 01 10 11. so how a 3 dimen one can be indexed?

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