Off page optimization is used to increase the backlink of website.article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting,blog commenting, guest posting.

Right,above point is true all these misten avoid in online shopping website.

Hidden link is very bad for any website. it create problem in crawling.

xml-sitemap is need to index the web psge in search gives the all update about website to search engine.

There are lot of technique are available for better ranking of website like blog posting,forum posting,
blog comments, article submission.

ya, signature link is needed to create the backlink of website and it also create the visitors.

my some keyword ranking get badly affected from penguin uopdate. it is the drastic change in website.

Hidden link is very bad for website.web crawler did not crawl page due to hidden links.

Page ranking is way to measure the weight of website. it indicate how many backlinks website have.

The interviwer mainly asking from on page optimization. it asking also from google analytics.

you can increase the backlink by off page optimization. blog comment, forum posting, article

Social media is great thing for generate the visitors towrds site from worldwide. this is used by all country. it is best sources.

This is not separate is same as other website.

No follow means link is not crawled by search engine. do follow means link is crawled by search engine.

good is the way to measure the success of online compaighn of particular website.

short tail keyword or long tail keyword. short trail keywor si mainly 2 words, and long tail keywords is more than 2 keyword.

Google adword is best things in SEO. it mainly generate the keyword for website.

SEO is part of online marketing.There are lot of technique are availabl;e in market. PPC, SEO, social media optimization.

this is a good option for getting the jobs. freelancers is way through you can earn more money from can do mainy on line work.

On line tour and travels company is the best.

we can promote the site all part of world. this is good SEO,all keyword are showing up.

Google plus is best site which create the circle and add the many friends.

Social media sites are those site which gain popularity through visitors.visitors come to website and share all information among them.

web 2.0 is social media sites which is mainly used to share the all things with social media sites.

facebook filter is good option of is used ti filter the friends.

this is fairly explain learn from them.

it is very tuff to replace the facebook. facebook is most popular social network site. it is impossible to take this place.

this is not a charity name is is professional name.

you always post authentic content on website and increase the high quality backlink. the visitos coming to the website.

Always share the original content on wesbite and make the link building with high quality website.