I have been coming across retina support in web design. can you explain me what it is ??

Can any one tell what is google zebra

Can any one tell what is Google sandbox?

Can anyone tell me some new trends in php.

Can anyone tell me What's best way to raise up alexa ranking -

Can anyone tell me How to over come latest penguin 2.0 update

Can any one tell me what is local search?

1forum posting
2article submission
3guest posting
4Use Real Time Press Releases
5Top Keywords ranking in Google

By submitting your link on others website such as directory, social bookmarking, article, blog creation, guest posting and content marketing help to earn backlinks for your website. That help to increasing keywords ranking of website on search engine.

Can any one tell me is responsive design is must for a website??

Best sites for ppc:

What Mistakes one must avoid on online shopping websites ?
these are the mistakes to be avoided
Not Using Coupons
Lack of product descriptions
Compulsory Registration process is a big no-no
Lack of contact information

Sitemap is known as heart of SEO, the process to enhance the visibility on search engine listing.you can create free sitemap in xml format www.xml-sitemaps.com

Can any one tell me How to over come latest penguin 2.0 update.

hi chap:
I completely confused, how can website be pr3 without any backlinks. Guys can you help me out, what will be the reasons. i can clearly see, there is no backlinks for the website and its pr3. how?

How important are meta tags now?
Should we use Meta keyword and description in websites?

pr backlinks good or bad?
Hi friends:

pr back-links getting good or Google penalize my sites?

ECommerce VS MCommerce :
Hello frnds :
define ECommerce & MCommerce and tell me which is the best

How To get Back my Rankings??

Hi All,
I have been Working with a "US" Site For the past 3months.
I had Ranked all the Keywords in SERP.
But last week i found a sudden Drop in all my keywords.
i Checked my Back links and other stuffs everything was so clear...
i'm getting mobile version results in google serp" how do i solve it?
can any one suggest me any solution, To get back my Rankings in SERP????

hey my website is indirimatic my sitemaps doesnt updated itself. do i need to resubmit them when i post new posts or what? how long does it take to get them updated?

Hi frnds:
Define site map and its benefits

Do you know What's a proper keyword density?

Define Bookmarking and classified

SEO and SEM- two crtical terms- which is more imp?

Guest Blogging:l

Hello Friends,

I want to know how we should judge best guest blogging site and is it good option to do before start own blogging site.

My website have good ranking position against its required keywords. Now I want to move all data to a newly purchased domain. My question is whether implementing redirect to new domain can effect my business current search engine ranking and cause the loss in existing business or not?

what are the different types of links