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Email Marketing is the best SEO that you can get...

When you have the ability to reach out to your list
and they trust you with their hearts and souls,
you can then send them to wherever you want.


I can talk more with you about email marketing just send me a private message.
It really is a big topic to discuss in one post.

Writing content will always increase your traffic
if you share the correct value in the right places.

There are faster ways to gain traffic to your campaign.
e.g. Click Here

But before you go ahead with a traffic method I would agree with what http://www.daniweb.com/members/1080035/lucillevargas1 Said

I think the first would be to have a website built online for visitors to view or visit.

I think a really great method is to send people your skype id. This is a great way to get personal and to get the "off of the public site". Similar to the one on one method mentioned above... The skype method works great if you can follow up with your potential customer.

There are ways to increase traffic to your website rather than trying to create a personal link wheel

I am not sure if you have a marketing budget or not, so in this case let us assume we have $0.00 no money to work with. I would think about...

  • Hosting an online competition inside of your niche (make other's create your content/links for a prize or gift etc)
  • guest post on other people's blogs or networks that will expose you or your website and increase traffic. (authority boost)
  • Do a press release (some are free others may cost you a little money here and there) - this is a great method that I personally use "before and after" I launch a webiste or campaign. Launching a press release about an "up and coming" website or campaign launch is a great way to show the search engines legitimacy. It also may prepare them for a high serge of traffic to your new site!

These are just off the top of my head. I also use a few softwares in my business that help speed the process along. Remember it is your job to capture your potential customer so that you can retargeted them in the future <-- #1 traffic method of all time right there. As white hat as they come.

my skype is Fobusiness if you ever want to talk more. Good luck.

What keyword are you trying to rank for?