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Is there an online tool for the mentioned Google XML Sitemaps ?

Thanks Bro,

Now I got two type of data from Google WebMaster -
1: total pages indexed from the sitemap submitted = 34
2: total pages indexed = got as 65

So one question:
How can I get all the page details? i mean not manually, any tools can generate those 65+ pages? Are Google providing such tools?

Because My sitemap gives only 36 page details, but my website has 65+ :(

Why it shows different values?
No.of Indexed pages - from Google Webmaster is 34
No.of pages checked in Google is 55+

See attached

Thanks Lax.

So Is it good to include the extra web page links in the sitemap?
not to include?

I think it is good to include right?
If so; is manually adding the only way to include that links in the sitemap?
Because the sitemap-xml tools to generate sitemap is not including those extra links.


web site is created.
Sitemap is generated from sitemap-xml.
It contain 38 web pages.

But the indexed pages, checked as site:websiteA.com gives extra pages.
These extra web pages are not found in sitemap.

Is it needed to include the indexed pages in sitemap?
Is it needed to remove the indexed pages via Google WebMaster?


Why pages not defined in sitemap are indexing?
Is it needed to be included in the sitemap?

Why pages not defined in sitemap are indexing?
Is it needed to be included in the sitemap?

The xml-sitemap - generated sitemap do not contain these indexed web pages.

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My Boss is consious about the Alexa Ranking and considers it as the primary factor.
But i think it can only be looked on a 3 months or 6 months basis, rather evry week.


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WHat are its full forn and significance? Please explain what you know -


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i think its only by web blogging, and manual submissions.
Re consider the website at webmaster