Can you give me a hint on how can i succeed on this... i really have no idea in decompiling an apk file but i would be glad if there is someone to help me, also i would be happy to pay for it. The apk code is very simple but i have no idea on how they are protecting them. If there is a way i can see the ways of protecting the apk files i can try to figure out something for it.


Does all .apk files can be decompiled no matter on how they are protected and secured, and recompile back in apk file?
I have an apk file which i need the source code to change something a little bit.
I tried using javadecompilers but i did not get the main files with code i need.
Is there any alternative to this site or is there any possible way of achiving this?

Thank you.


Is there possible chance of changing the WooCommerce "Add to Cart" button functionality or removing it and creating new button, inside the item page?

I found this code but it only replaces the button on the item itself and not in the item page

add_filter( 'woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link', 'replace_default_button' );
function replace_default_button(){
    return '<button>Text a Dealer</button>';



Is this something which is updated to different method or am i doing something wrong?
I want to get my current location on Google Maps what am doing right now is as follows.

Creating GoogleMaps Activity,
Download GooglePlay Services from Android SDK Manager,
Giving Permissions in AndroidManifest for Internet and Location

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

Giving permission to use my location in OnMapReady

public void onMapReady(GoogleMap googleMap) {
    mMap = googleMap;


    if (ActivityCompat.checkSelfPermission(this, Manifest.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED && ActivityCompat.checkSelfPermission(this, Manifest.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION) != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {

When i try to run this code at my device LG Spirit H440 I doesn't get what i expect to get, it should give me the option to get my current location with blue dot on the maps.

I have created also API KEY in the Google API's console.

What am i doing wrong?


Hello everyone and happy new year, i wonder is there something that allows you to detect that android device is near you? I want to create an app that will show me android devices that are near me, for scientific purposes. But without my app installed on their devices, so for example to take anything to identify the device model or name or something which will help me to detect is android device. Thank you :)


Really Interesting task actually

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Ex02_33 {
    public static void main (String [] args) {

        Scanner input = new Scanner (System.in);

        int weight;
        int height;
        int bMI;

        System.out.print ("Enter Your Weight in Pounds: ");
        weight = input.nextInt();
        System.out.print ("Enter Your Height in Inches: ");
        height = input.nextInt();
        bMI = (weight * 703) / (height * height);
        System.out.printf ("Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is %d\n\n", bMI);

        System.out.println ("BMI VALUES");
        System.out.println ("Underweight: less than 18.5");
        System.out.println ("Normal:      between 18.5 and 24.9");
        System.out.println ("Overweight:  between 25 and 29.9");
        System.out.println ("Obese:       30 or greater");


I have found it on internet!

When i was starting programming i was strugling with these problems... i didnt understanded the given task... i hope you will learn something from this code and try to write in your way. Am waiting reply with your own method for this task. Since if you show this code they will know its copied from internet.

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Ha,ha I would have used 666 instead of 703!

Hello everyone hope you are doing well, i was busy these days i was having problem with the police in my country, they catch me smoking weed and now i got criminal record... but never mind that i hope will be better in the future. So i got in mind interesting game to make but i need a little help. How I could make an automatic random name generator, what would be the rules to build such an object? Also the names to sound & look natural. Not like (Egrttttr, Asdfgh, Kjutyytsas) :D. Give me some starting ideas how can i achive this?


Yes the file sortfiles.vbs is placed in the folder where all the images are. BTW when i dubleclick the sortfiles.vbs exactly nothing happens, i doesn't get command windows open and no folder is created. Maybe am doing something wrong or i have to install something to run this script?

EDIT: I have mistaken in the file format, the files are all .jpeg so i got it running! Now my question is i get a popup window telling me that folder is created with the related name and every picture that needs to go inside the folder i get a popup asking me to do it, so i need to press "OK" every time new popup comes out. How do i make this automated? Othervise that Enter button will suffer... AND my finger too :P


Okay, nope am not building an app, i need to get task done, i dont want to do it manually because its more than 20.000 pictures it would take alot. The images are all stored in one folder.

Am searching for code or program that can get the task donee.


Images Title

Create foder and transfer
Folder name > Stefan-Rafa
Folder name > John-Doe

Files Inside folder Stefan-Rafa:

Files Inside folder John-Doe:

OS: Windows 10


Hello there :), i have bunch of pictures which the title is like this Name-LastName-year-category-.... what i want to do is sort them all in folders which will have only their Name-LastName and all pics with that name go in that folder. Is there some tool for this job to be done easily? Or maybe some code that i can setup?

I hope you understood me. if not feel free to say ill try to explain better, thank you :)



Exactly! You can make two sections in the inbox popup, Inbox & Notifications and putting a nice audio will be huge plus.

EDIT: Even more cool will be to not get redirected to other page to see the netifications list, all from the page you are currently on to be possible to go to your/watched thread.


Since am member of this forum am asking my self one question, why am not informed on time when someone reply to my question?

For me the biggest engagement is something which is "LIVE" and i think for all of us is. I think this should be considered as "No. 1 to do list" for this forum.

EDIT: What am saying is, emails are good to inform you when you are off your PC or off site, but live notifications on the website it self are priceless.

  • Thank you and bye

Hello, so i tried to make my own insta crawler but having some dificulties, here is the code for now:

import requests
    from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

    def insta_spider(max_pages):
        page = 1
        while page <= max_pages:
            url = 'https://instagram.com/xenia/'
            source_code = requests.get(url)
            plain_text = source_code.text
            soup = BeautifulSoup(plain_text, "html.parser")
            for link in soup.findAll('a', {'class': '_2g7d5 notranslate _7qk7w'}):
                href = "https://instagram.com/" + link.get('href')
                title = link.string
            page += 1


so basicly i want to get the href tags with the class name _2g7d5 notranslate _7qk7w of the current instagram profile which is https://instagram.com/xenia/ but i get nothing gathered Process finished with exit code 0. Someone knows whats the problem with this code or instagram does not allow to crawl?

EDIT: Somehow instagram doesnt display the classes i want to gather in the View Source page how do i solve this?


Yea sorry, you are right i have posted in wrong forum... when i run it i get a windows popup and closes imediately, i tried to catch what it says, here is it:


I have changed the auth.json.example file with my username and pass from instagram but again same thing happens.

For the customization i will try my best to make it for my needs but first i need to make it run and am newbie in python