Their is no restriction in adwords for starting PPC for your site. It's depends on you how much you want to spend? you can set your daily budget as per your need.

Google has provided a big features in adwords for his user. now you can login multiple adwords in single window without login to other account.

Google has updated his dmca algorithm last week. This time google has remove more site from his search engine which was violated google copyright act.

What is the latest update by Google in October'14 except penguin 3.0 update?

SEO is the industry who will never down and you can make your future bright in this field. I will suggest you that you should go in PPC for more growth.

Squidoo has takeover by hubpages site. You can't create now squidoo page. If you want than go to hubpage and register their.

Which platform PPC is good for getting paid traffic, facebook or Adwords?

Yes, Google adwords has given remove the option to adwords users in camapign level setting under advance setting => keyword matching options. Now you can check that this tab is not present there.

what is abstract meta tag? why we use it on website.

Google adwords has two payment option.

  1. Automatic
  2. Manual

So keep in mind don't ask any question for increase your post number.

How can I give my Video ads in Google Adwords? what is CPV?

Which feature is updated in Google Adwords?

You can use multiple GA code but it will conflict in your Google Analyitcs.

If you are new in PPC than Search network ppc is good for you and bid type will be CPC.

You will have to set up an account on adwords then create a campaign with name you want, you can create 25 campaign maximum. Create ads group inside it you can create 2000 ads group inside one campaign and 50 ads inside one ads group. If you are new in ppc you should start with search network ads with cpc click with minimum bid of rs. 10.

When i did ppc for my websites I create single campaign and create two ad groups for domain. I want to know that is there any way how can i check that for haw many domains i am running PPC campaign without going inside campaign?

If you want to increase your business on linkedIn than you will have to post good information in your profile in relevant category.

You can do smo on facebook and twitter for diverting traffic for your website.Use quality in your post related to your business information.

Facebook is best social networking site in seo. Google plus is also but i think both site have his own value in SMO but in current time facebook is more better than google plus.

Page authority is decided, on a page availability in search engine with keywords and backlinks.

If you want on google 1st page than make more quality backlink.

Google page rank depends on your site backlink. Backlink count on your business theme and quality of link while alexa rank depend on your website traffic.

What is view through conversion rate? I have read it but does not understand it clearly.

If you want more likes on facebook than you can promote yoyr page on facebook ads.

I agree with you but not 100 percent because some seo trick are also working. You will have to that work uniquely.

PPC full form is pay per click. It is the best way to promote new business in world.

PPC is good way to increase traffic for a website.but it is costly. You can get more traffic by SEO work but it take some time.

How to get best results in pay per click. Specially bid PPC rate.

You can promote your page on facebook with little amount. If want it popular without any money than increase your friend network.

If you want to start PPC for your site than the first step is search good keyword and also analysis your competitor's site Ads and start with CPC bid.