Engagement is Big factor for traffic increase.User engagement is the key factor.Content needs to be written according user requirements.

So overall grow connections,interactions,profile visibility,Content posting,High quality reviews must to stand in today's compitetive environment...

I have bought new Windows Smartphone Nokia Lumia 720 and want to install MX player on it.
but there is no free MX player on windows app store.May be its paid on windows apps store.
Can anyone suggest good Windows Video player for Nokia lumia 720 ?

@Asif : I read your thread.Yes,its possible to have analysis on image or video after 3 seconds.It can be done with Camera API's help.Please research code for it on google

NFC is coming in mobile phones So its very important to have our smartphones be secure for online mobile transactions.Other It can make big loss for mobile trading users

Yes... Where you don't want to show exact link on website.Create creative titlee and make short urls..Short urls are popular in Social sites.

Yes Samsung has copied Apple Patent for rounded-rectangle shape icons.It has got plenty 1.05 Billon because you can't copy alleged patents from any company.ButI don't think it affect much samsung....Who is ruling Smartphone market:)

Want to experience Apple new 5S 64-bit smartphone.I think it will boost the speed of new iphones.


I think there are plenty of free software which will help you in calling & Messaging Abroad friends.

Skype for Vedio calling / messaging

These all works pretty good on Samsung mobiles

I read your problem alantran... But according to google latest update if you are creating mobile version of website with another domain it will cut your traffic surely.In Current market 60-70% mobile sites traffic share.So I advice to create a Resonsive Web Design of your website.That will increase your site trafffic surely.

Smartphone is called smart because it makes our daily life more smoth with its smart features.I think Smartphones have Fast Processor with high resolution gaming display,Google RAM,Latest OS with High quality camera.Supports all types musci /Video formats...

Content is the main key for generating traffic to website.Write Quality ,accurate keyword density articles/news/Third party articles on free websites

PhoneGap is emerging technology in mobile apps development field.By writing code in PhoneGap it will runs on all the platforms.you don't have to write single by single code for every OS.So it will definatly accerlate your Mobile apps development skils...

IPad Mini is really Good...But now it depends upon your choice which platform for want.Android also offering pretty good tablets in this range which are pretty cheaper from samsung