Have you try to make sure no trouble with your HDD and RAM?
I suggest your problem is from HDD and RAM, cause i also have trouble same with you. And to resolve it, i change my HDD with a new one and also increase my RAM memory

Ubuntu Software Center is provide many software, but if you can not find any software in Software Center like ClipGrab, you can using install directly from terminal.

IMHO, searching and install any software by using Ubuntu Software Center is more save than using terminal.

@shanan.seamedia; Google XML Sitemaps is free plugin and you can using it directly into your WordPress CMS

Hi DavidB,

What is the different between SAP in cloud-based version into offline version?


Daniweb is a great website, i can find many articles that i need. Today i am working as SAP end-user, how about other users? Are you an SAP end-user?

Kevin Edwards,

If you are using WordPress, my answer is yes. You can install Google XML Sitemaps for free and this plugin will create search engine friendly sitemaps instantly.

Site with sitemaps mean a home with property. Someone will know if that is a home not a ghost home. Thats why search engine need sitemaps. But, remember do not spamming by submited your sitemap in all search engine. Just let search engine come to you.

I also have Dell Vostro with OEM Windows 7 and it's very slower than turtle.
After i change the OS into Ubuntu (dual boot) it's work. I mean i can find the problem it the OS not the desktop.

To solving it, i am using CCCleaner to make sure all data in recycle bin and the other can be clean. and also make sure the system can work properly. I also do scanning by using antivirus to make sure no thirf-party application in my own.
I thing when you scanning your system, it;s will not solving  your problem. I thing the problem is come from your HDD and your own RAM. Please replace your HDD with a new one and lets see the effect.

You can install it via Ubuntu Software Center, it's more powerfull and prevent some damage

I hope you are not using Windows OS. I have get this case a few years ago and the problem is come from my laptop. My laptop are doing spamming and using 100% internet connection for nothing and make me can not open any homepage. The best way is scan your computer by using antivirus and make sure your computer clean before connected into internet.

Beware with RDN/Spybot.bfr!h!B1645F540874, new computer virus. It's caused lots of damage.

If you finish with scanning by using antivirus, next step it check your modem or router. Please check your router connection in http://192,168.0.1 and also checking your LAN Connection.

I hope its work