Not so long ago, "the older SEO" decided the website advertising globe. This was during the earlier, revolutionary times connected with website marketing -- before it absolutely was normal intended for a small business to get a website as well as some time before the granny got an online presence which could competitor a youngster. The particular aged SEO approach centered all around one particular major factor: link building. Nevertheless currently, link building as a direct SEO method is totally useless. The fact is, Google provides identified smart ways to measure the particular reputation of your respective website: it truly is referred to as SMO.
And the best social media sites are Facebook, twitter, linked in, google plus.
And recently came across a matt cuts you tube video on SMO in that i explain google plus is most effective site for SMO.

both the on page and off page activities are most dependent factors

Doorway page is fake page that user will never see. It is for search engine spiders. They are come under black hat SEO.