According to me Facebook is the one of the social media site which will be remain forever networking site. Actually Facebook is the social network where index of life like birth and death can be maintained and it get simplified when feature called timeline get added to it. Am not saying this happens first time in the internet history. Many comes like My space, Friendster and AltaVista but they cant collect the audience like facebook. May be fb will remain long for ever, 901 million users later,its truly something different. May be in future something will come but according to me it cant overtake FB.

I have this 9 apps list which could challenge FB.

Highlight - number of users unpublished)

Path - 3 million users Founded by ex-Facebooker Dave Morin

Pinterest - 11.5 million monthly active users connected through Facebook, according to AppData

Viddy - 36 million monthly active users connected to Facebook, according to AppData

Tumblr - 56 million blogs

Google+ - 90 million accounts, In terms of format, Google's social network is the closest thing to Facebook. But it's not nearly as successful.

Twitter - 140 million active users

LinkedIn - 161 million accounts

Bonus edition: Airtime 0 users

SOcial Media, Social media in its names it tells that optimize your business through it. But For that we have do this for fans and followers.

We have to optimize our business on social media means creating its presence. First of all keep in mind when you open an account on any social networking site then your profile will be 100% completed not 80% or 85%. In description Give all clear cut information about your business, your company products, services, logo of your company which provide uniqe identification, provide Your website URL. And not just with creating accounts regulary update your fb posts, do tweets, linked in posts, sharing. And every one knows that best Social media sites are fb, twitter & linked in.

Pramote social presence Everywhere, every where means on your blog, in email marketing, on your website. Its not get completed here by making accounts, fan pages and pramoting business, we have to do something that keeps your audience track same, and that something is Content, Make some intersting stuff (content.. not copied from else where) share it with your fans and keep your folloers at first place for your content. Audience follows brands on Social media just because how great youer services are and what u provide them.

Interact with your fans and followers, Engage with them by answering questions, or giving reply to their questions.

There is lot of confusion with IP address for SEO.According to search i can only say that a dedicated IP will not boost your site ranking.
To the question the value of dedicated IPs webmasters had at that time,

According to some Webmasters ...

Craig said, “Google handles virtually hosted domains and their links just the same as domains on unique IP addresses. If your ISP does virtual hosting correctly, you’ll never see a difference between the two cases.” In 2006, Matt Cutts, who still leads the webspam team at Google, mentions that article in his short blog post debunking the dedicated IP myth, where he says,
“There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases (virtual hosting vs. a dedicated IP).”

In many classified Sites all ready link option is avilable there with that option you can provide link and if not then when you provide description about your advertise at that time provide your website link. And with ahref tag also can provide link.

I think with in 30 days you cant rank your website on google first page. For gaining result you go through proper SEO technique. With Black hat SEO you can rank your website but black hat SEO is a spam technique. For using Black Hat SEO your site will get penalized by Google.
First you read all google guidlines to rank your Website.
And Do this :
On page Optimization :

  1. website analysis
  2. website structure optimization
  3. keyword analysis
  4. content optimization
  5. image optimization
  6. meta tag creation & optimization
  7. creation of sitemap.xml
  8. upload robot.txt file
  9. add website in webmaster tool
  10. install google analytics

off page optimization :

  1. manual search engine submission
  2. directory submission
  3. social bookmarking
  4. blog commenting
  5. forum submission
  6. press release
  7. article submission
  8. video submission
  9. slide shre
  10. rss feed

in deep or hoe to do it can u explain stepwise. ... this are really best to get regular updation information

I thought doesnt matter with year. it will be remain same or come up with technologies.

It removes toxic backlinks from our sites.

Facebook, twitter, linked in, google plus

Comman floor, daniweb, dreamatmoney, seochat, seopanel, seodiscussionforum etc

LINQ : Language Integrated query

See SEO techniques will remain same that we use previously and we have to use that. New softwares, tools will come in market but basic statrgies that we use for website ranking will be remain same.

yeah, its real in todays internet world google and facebook are the both who are ruling the each industry. Google for serach engine ranking and fb is previously as fun taken but now a days its more business buzward. Through Fb people engaging there audience on their fanpages and starting to pramote there business.

Hi Nancy

over night u cant get a 1 rank. for that u have create backlinks for your website. and that also dofollow links. for that u can do directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission, and first check out the content of your website, content must be unique.

I agree with that. because people will belive if they saw the things. video plays most important role in online marketing .

Language integrated query.

syntax error is an error in the source code of a program.
a logic error is a bug in a program that causes it to operate incorrectly

it is impossible to get high pr within short time. it is possible only with black hat SEO. and according to Google guidelines dont do spam, Black hat SEO is spam technique and if u use it google will penalize u for that.
thats y do white hat seo and page rank.
seo is slow process but the results we get from it are permanent.
Do directory submission in high pr sites
social bookmarking
article submission
blog commenting

Simply first create fan page of your website on facebook. Create the page attractive because on dull page fb user never comes again and never like it.

  1. Create fanpage
  2. create likes on your page
  3. and for remaining that on your page create attractive stuff regulary share it, tag your friends on it.
  4. engage with audience

Three types SEO
white hat
grey hat
black hat

in simple words
white hat : without spaming
black hat : with spaming
gary : combination of white & black hat SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is a slow process but the results we get from seo are permanent. Its a technique to get free traffic on your website from relevant users.

Yes definetly, While classified posting we can give a link a specific keyword of your website.. is simple as it

Using SEO & SMO

Social media marketing is the best technique. For likes u can use add me fast tool and like 4 like organization tool. But to retain your likes you have to create some good stuff on your page and that also on regular basis.

Just use add me fast & like for like organization tool. And also post interesting pictures, status etc stuff on your page regularly.

yes, It is effective.
u have to do website analysis, competitor website analysis, website structure optimization, keyword analysis, content optimization, image optimization, meta tag creation & optimization, creation of sitemap.xml, upload robot,txt file. Add your website to the google webmaster tool. Install google analytics

Best one is Directory Submission, Article Submission, web2.0, press release, forum submission etc

I think no