According to me Facebook is the one of the social media site which will be remain forever networking site. Actually Facebook is the social network where index of life like birth and death can be maintained and it get simplified when feature called timeline get added to it. Am not saying this happens first time in the internet history. Many comes like My space, Friendster and AltaVista but they cant collect the audience like facebook. May be fb will remain long for ever, 901 million users later,its truly something different. May be in future something will come but according to me it cant overtake FB.

I have this 9 apps list which could challenge FB.

Highlight - number of users unpublished)

Path - 3 million users Founded by ex-Facebooker Dave Morin

Pinterest - 11.5 million monthly active users connected through Facebook, according to AppData

Viddy - 36 million monthly active users connected to Facebook, according to AppData

Tumblr - 56 million blogs

Google+ - 90 million accounts, In terms of format, Google's social network is the closest thing to Facebook. But it's not nearly as successful.

Twitter - 140 million active users

LinkedIn - 161 million accounts

Bonus edition: Airtime 0 users

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just google it.

google pand is google algorithm.

social networking site can be used for attracting traffic to your website and promoting your website through social networking site is must.

yes facebook twitter gives do follow links.

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FB application helps to get the more traffic as well as brand visiblity in the Market. Its always benefitial for SMO process.

I would like to know about Omniture and its uses in SEO. Please share your knowledge with us.

You should share content on web 2.0 submission sites and can link keywords accordingly.

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Google sandbox refers to the commonly held belief or imaginary space where search engines stores the new websites as well as those websites which was affected due to changes in alorithms for a temporay period of time.

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