I think with in 30 days you cant rank your website on google first page. For gaining result you go through proper SEO technique. With Black hat SEO you can rank your website but black hat SEO is a spam technique. For using Black Hat SEO your site will get penalized by Google.
First you read all google guidlines to rank your Website.
And Do this :
On page Optimization :

  1. website analysis
  2. website structure optimization
  3. keyword analysis
  4. content optimization
  5. image optimization
  6. meta tag creation & optimization
  7. creation of sitemap.xml
  8. upload robot.txt file
  9. add website in webmaster tool
  10. install google analytics

off page optimization :

  1. manual search engine submission
  2. directory submission
  3. social bookmarking
  4. blog commenting
  5. forum submission
  6. press release
  7. article submission
  8. video submission
  9. slide shre
  10. rss feed

Three types SEO
white hat
grey hat
black hat

in simple words
white hat : without spaming
black hat : with spaming
gary : combination of white & black hat SEO

xml sitemap is used by google crawlers during the crawling process, and helps for disaplaying better search result.

PR- page rank and yes which web sites having page rank 10?

SEO benefits is be on the top of search engines, traffic and Sales..

Google rank the webpage as per the internal links and external links.
and alexa rank is depend upon the traffic on the website, bounce rate of the visitors.

In directory Submission we do list our business or website in other directories sites to get the taffic, and Direcory listing means we are having own directory site and we list it in other sites to increase the submission of links in our directory website.

Just post a fresh articles which written by you, don't copied form any other websites. other wise google bots fetch it as a duplicate content.

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I thinks Pay per Click takes the place of SEO in 2014.

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Just build more high PR backlinks for the keywords which you want to rank on Google.

Jsut sumit your business in business profiles as well as local listing websites.

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Guest posting refers to the post our blog post on another persons high traffic blog by contacting that person. we can also submit their post on our blog. so it helps to get the traffic on our blog and helps to increase the page rank of our blog.

SEM stand for serach engine marketing SEM is divides in to 2 parts like SEO, PPC. SEO helps to rank our website in Google on first page and PPC is helps to get immediate traffic on pur website but it is paid process. SMO helps to create brand image in the market as well as referral traffics on our website though social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

Google specify that humming bird update does not harmful for SEO, it is one more step to improve the serp. According to hummingbird update your website must contain high qualiy and orignal content.

Every SEO mostly go for White Hat SEO techniques to get your website on top 10 positions. Stay tuned to every google updates and plan your startegy after that updates.

Yeah twitter really helps us to get more traffic to our website. Twitter is the best way to promote your product worldwide.