Legal seo strategies to get higher traffic and rankings for the concern sites, is called as white hat seo.

Creation of meta tags
title optimization
keyword analyzing
competitor analyse
Image optimization
-are some of the techniques of on page optimization.

Increase your friends list, it will provide you more likes and then make you as an admin side, in which you can find the original likers of your fanpage.

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You just find keywords and keyword grop ideas in google adwords, by simply registering in it and choose whatever the keywords by knowing their competitions.

If you are a beginner just go through webconfs site to know more about the basic things of seo.

If you need traffic for your blog or site means prefer social media sites or else starts your submission (off page seo) process.

Hi santhosh, did you got any new techniques which could be used to implement backlinks and also sites visibility?? If it is so, can you please share me the links here...

thanks to provide nice info about the ppc campaigns

It is used to tell about the structure of your site to google to make a crawl ovwer it

After google adsense, we can travel with the affiliate marketing option

Ya i agree with those sayings of sohanm about the ad groups

From my experience, I would like to say that self help is the best help and if you had a site means please register it with google adwords and then create ppc of your own by letting seo guide nearby you..

PPC may also bring more traffic to our website through marketing

PPC is one of the technique given by google to make some ads for our sites to promote it professionally..

ROI is Return on Investment, it is used to know about the efficiency of your investments and to calculate it. It can be calculated by diminishing your investment costs from gain of investments and it gets divided by the actual cost of investment.

check with that please

In google adwords there is an option to set your geographical area/location for your campaigns.

Paid Search
Google display network
paid social

  • were the types of ppc

If you made your keywords there means google will fix the rate for your keywords according to the competition for that

Text ads is called as search network and image ads is called as display network

Google may providing urlbuilder tool as default, you can submit your url there and took that designation url and submit it there. and then you came to know that how many campaigns are ste to domain without entering into adwords but by google analytics.

Register with google adwords and then you can find an option there to create your own campaign with relevant and high level keywords which had been suggested by google itself...

go through with google webmaster tools

me too agree with them

ya its true to the best of my knowledge

post some of the unique content about your products

do quality link building to get ranking in google and it is important to have a unique content

its simply giving quotes to highlight your service

I accept those sayings about page authority as well