@davijhon I guess those other two person aren't interested in posting helpful solution rather than I would say they themselves don't know what they are posting over their ! Rather than I would say what they are trying to do is what we call signature spam ! Now intsead of commenting more over here can you clarify what your question is.. ?? or I would move onto other threads !

Well, @stultuske Nope I don't think that's a better option because problem with PPC is by the time you ends up your cash no one is looking at you !

Are you trying to spam down your post with comments?? I don't think that any PR update has been seen because if it has then you must be getting updates over the MOZ and several sites like search engine land etc... I don't think it has been updated, none of my page has shown change over the page rank.

Well, load testing tools there are just a number of them avialable as I have tried googling over the web and see what I got was actually a loads of then, anyway I am going to mention some of the load testing tools which I think are the best you can use Apache, Jmeter, LoadRunner, WebLoad, LoadUI, LoadStorm Cloudstrees.

Well, I would say don't concentrate much over it I would say just keep the good work up and eventually when the next Page rank update occurs your page rank will increase automatically. Let us just say if you want to be real quick with page ranks and you buy high pr links or something like that then I am sure upon the next update you will see its adverse effect. So I would say, it would be better not to concentrate over it rather than concentrate over the works you are doing. So when the next PR update starts happening then automatically you will see your page rank in increasing order.

Well, I don't know why you are not finding the meta description but I can easily locate it over your site source code which states "Take 30 years of innovation in catamaran design, 40 years of the finest, most advanced research and development in American yacht manufacturing, passion, customer feedback, and craftsmanship, and the result is stunning: Introducing the Gemini Legacy 35." Try looking more closely.

PixelatedKarma commented: Didn't read the questiom +0

Well, If I talk about myself then I usually don't use any tools other than the Google's tool i.e. Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

Well, you can check it eithe by heading over the Google Webmaster tool or head over to the google.com, enter "Site:http://msfdsf.com/" it will show you all the pages that Google has indexed.

Well, I don't think that there's any Google update named Google Ghost if there's any then I am sure it might be published.

Well, most of the link building strategies has been cut off by the Google nothing much is left in link building than participating in the forums, yahoo answers, and do one thing create a subdomain in your site i.e. xyz.com/blog and post you work on that blog now what you need to do is share it among the Social media try to make that post viral by posting it over the facebook, twitter, linkedin,stumbleupon etc.... In this way you are going to get strong backlink and can drain out all the link juice out of it and this will also help you in improving your Alexa as well as the SERP ranking.

If you need to drop its ranking than the best thing is to spamming !!! ... heee....heee...