Find the link how to use the vertical-align: middle;.

Apple do not allow donwgrading any of its device.

Couldn't actaully understand what you are trying to say over here by telling SEO in website !! I would say you need to be a little more clear or elaborate what you are trying to ask over here !!

Well, that's great now you need to keep working the same way also as you said that this is a new blog means you may need to do the link building thing now and also keep your feet dipped over the the social media ! Your blog is too new to get bulk of traffic just make sure that you keep working exactly the same way as results doesn't comes in that much fast. So hope for good and keep your fingers crossed !

Well, it looks like most of the part has already been covered by @tdrosiadis and to understand what rich snippets is? I think I can came up with little defnition- It's about providing search engines an additional information about your website, so it can display more useful information to people searching.

Rest of the things are Ditto as @tdrosiadis !

Well, I don't this the on page optimisation is gone in a proper manner I can't just can't see the proper meta description ! Also it looks like that you still doesn't have put yourself over the Gooogle local listing ! So, I would say your one page need a lot of improvements

Well, there's nothing much to do about it other than putting the description and the keyword in correct manner I guess (thinking) !

@otisgross Is fruitful? I means I have tried checking it out and questions over their give a little odd feeling ! So, I was wondering if... ?? Anyway what forget to add over here is Yahoo Answers, it does yields good results.

Well @Farris I would say building links with the helps or PPC?? I don't really think its possible at all ! Look PPC(Pay Per Click) its more like an ad thing rolling over the Search Engine, when you opt for PPC over certain keywords like I select "mobile go wild" keyword and also consider this keyword is most clicked all over the world now I head over to the search engine and search for "mobile go wild" what search engine will give me is they are going to show you ad on top of the SERPs ! Now the logical thing, tell me how many time your click over the paid results appearing ?? I would say it's very likely that you tap over ! So, the motto behind running PPC goes null ! Anyway the good thing is that it doesn't mean that you will ne not get traffic but the thing is the traffic you will get wouldn't have that much chances of conversion! Getting an SEO hired to do that means no doubt you are flowing cash out of your pocket but the results of SEO is something which is permanent and last longer than the PPC campaings usually PPC campaings give you results only by the time you have dollar in your pocket and as you ran out of it you are off the business. But with SEO's things are different good SEO means you will keep getting the conversions even when you drop the SEO ...

You can also try focusing on websites like Answers, Quora, Askpedia, Answerbank.

@SimonIoa I didn't mean to to say that you should give away ipads and all if you are low on budget, I'd say try giving out Tshirts which has you website logo, try gving out coffee mug with again your logo printed upon as in this way the winner of the contest will act as an promotionl material for you, let me tell you a little secret like if I have seen someone wearing a tshirt printed some company name or ... what I do is atleast I give them a visit and throwing out tshirts and coffee mugs and all isn't that much costly. And yes do make sure that you set way more high standard for one to pass through ! All the best ! :D

Update: I have been over to your site and I think it needs a finishing touch, you should start working over the design and all, I am sorry but it looks werid to me. :(

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@simonloa that's true there are some freelance people says that they will promote your site by paying them a little amount, but I would say they will do all the same thing which you can do on your own they will create fb pages to promote you, they will link your page with some other (I don't know but I don't actually trust with then) I'd say don't take help from them on this one rather than you create a fb,G+, Twitter,Linkedin,stumble etc. and try giving away some freebies run some contest you will automatically start generating attention. But be sure that you keep your social profile updated regularly with tweaks and tricks, I would say sometimes it would be much better if you just share some useful information over your pages rather than promoting yourself, it's a good way to build brand reputation.

@stultuske, so sorry I though of something different, I would say the better option would be quoting their names in the reply as this would give a more clean idea about what you are doing out there !

Well, @stultuske Nope I don't think that's a better option because problem with PPC is by the time you ends up your cash no one is looking at you !

The best way I think you can do to promote is holding yourself onto the power of social media, by mixing it up with some freebies and of course some content to, if you make a mixture of then you are going to get a solution which is enough to attract users around.

Well, I guess you should start with writing a blog post over you own blog and then start promoting it over the social media, best would be creating a facebook or google page and then post it over to your page this will help you in creating interest among the user and you can get good conversion out of it ! As well as if you are good with your blog it will start getting ranking over the serps just make sure that you don't write for the sake of writing try to share information which is not available with the others or I would say experiment with something different and you will be good to go.

Well,the DisplayMetrics under Andorid.util package is a class which provides a display general information i.e display size, resolution and font.

Initialization of the displa metrics follows:
DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics ();
getWindowManager (). getDefaultDisplay (). getMetrics;

The existing Activity handle after.... one more thing constructor DisplayMetrics do not need to pass any parameters; call getWindowManager(), the getDefaultDisplay() method in order to obtain the width and height dimensions, at this time, it is stored in the the DisplayMetrics object and the width and height dimension is in pixels.

toString() method by DisplayMetrics can to the most of DisplayMetrics the fields, as at the resolution of 480x320 output: Its density is the logical resolution, width and height of the screen resolution, consistent with the the fields widthPixels heightPixels, scaleDensity density consistent, xdpi ydpi the accurate physical pixel.

Now to compare Android DIP, dp, px, sp:

DIP: Device Independent pixels,different devices have different display, and the device hardware. In order to support WVGA, HVGA and QVGA recommended to use DIP which means you can't rely on pixels.

px: pixels, there are different devices display the same general HVGA on behalf of 320x480 pixels.

Pt: Point it's a standard unit of length i.e 1pt = 1/72inch.

SP: Scaled pixels is used for font which is best for the textsize and is recommended by the google, TextView font size is best to use sp units. The main problem is that this treatment is in dots-per-inch (dpi) means the need of higher new monitor to ...

Well, first of tell me why are you still submitting the article over the article directories to get backlink ?? Are you aware that matt cutts have stated this a while ago that builind links through article directories is spam ? Did trust me have a look at the post over [Search engine land]( ) And one more thing it looks like you are stressing to much over your keywords by linking your keywords to the page. Tell you what sonner you will get yourself penalized. Now you are going to ask how I know about it, its because Google have also penalized us because of ..... Ohoo those days I am never going to forget that anyway was just giving you a suggestion reset depends upon you. And yes I almost forget about the article crawling I think that may be because its an article directory which I guess I have already stated the reason.

Well, tell you what sometimes I guess doing nothing just pays off more than keeping thing hotter over the tab. I guess what's happeing over there is all your competitors might be pushing themselves to get in front which may make the Google bots feel like weird, and as you are doing nothing means you are not pushing things. So they put you on to while other people keep thinking what's going on !

Well, I wonder why you are unable to see your site over the google I have tried searching and it's showing your site over the search results.

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Well, it looks to me that your device battery may have been worn out an may require replacement. Do one thing try removing your device battery put it over to the flat surface and try spinning it if the battery spins freely then I guess your battery may have been swollen and will require replacement. I would say bettery try doing the test it will help you in undderstanding wether there is a need for replacing your battery or there is something else going on. And yes let me know if I have guided you over the correct path.

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Well, here I would say this might be the case of Google dance, try waiting a while to see if there is any more fluctuation.

Well, I think if you have done a simple Googling about What is Canonical URL I am sure you have got your answer, well anyways I am writing it over here for you

"The one authoritatively correct URL for a resource. When a resource can be accessed via multiple URLs, a canonical URL should be identified. All alias URLs for a resource should redirect to the canonical URL to enforce its authority."

Well, you can check it eithe by heading over the Google Webmaster tool or head over to the, enter "Site:" it will show you all the pages that Google has indexed.

Directories are dead a long time ago! There is just no need of directory submissions, only Yahoo and DMOZ directory submissions is enough !

Well, I guess if the content belongs to you then ! file a complaints against him I am sure the owner of the webpage is bound to take it down. You file a complaint withe the proof that the content belongs to you !

Simple to increase web page ranking you need to do all the off page and on page techniques.

White hat SEO tatics includes natural inbound link building,optimizing internal linking, site content etc. along with other standard methods that conform to gudelines established by search engines. There are a lot of advantages with white hat SEO as it wull brings along, steady and sustained growth in search engines.

Is it ????? really going to happen????