I don’t particularly care for politics and really don’t follow what’s going all that much. I educate myself just enough to be able to make a sound vote when the time comes

Thanks man! I’m glad that you are still around Rev. Jim

I admit when I was younger and a lot less wiser, I trolled here...a lot...but I have grown up and would like to issue an official apology l for my mistakes in my youth. I even began suggesting DaniWeb as a source (Sometime ago I might add) for folks who have questions or other concerns that myself cannot answer. Thus, the title of this thread.

Reading this now I realize how many spelling errors I have in it oops! I wrote it this mornign really early!

I recently got netlfix and now im binge watching so manh shows if and when I can. Thats a big IF too because im busy nowadays!

Indeed it has been quite sometime since I have been, not that I was the best member ever and caused more troubke than i ever care to admit and am ashamed of. I do apologize for me childish behavior from befire ahd i realize msny of you wont remember me but I am sure that the admins will! I will be hanging around again but this time as a respectable member. Who knows I might learn a thing or two!

So this friend, the boyfriend of another friend, is interstd in acareer as an IT, he knows quite a lot but wants to learn C++ so I reccomended Daniweb as a source of information. I don know I dont if he will join but I'm spreading the word about Daniweb.


Have you ever worked aqt taco Bell

Privacy is important but can we really stop people from spying on us? Lets use social media as an example, more specifically facebook. How many programs are out on te internet that allows people to hack accounts and to spy on people. Thats just one social media site. What about Youtube? I willing to bet my bottom dollar that there are Youtube videos on how to hack and to spy.

Hello and welcome

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keyword-oriented domain names are better than Brand Name because they're more searchable. Search engines recognise the words in the domain name.

Basically, Google has much better results with keywords than brand name

Hello and welcome to Daniweb... I suggest getting to know some of the admins

It might be a bug..I'll talk to an admin

I have so much respect for anyone that decided that fate. It takes a lot of courage to accept ones fate

Hello and welcome to Daniweb. I suggest that you get to know some of the admins.

Hello and welcome

they, or someone they loved, was on the receiving end of it. I think that would change their viewpoint drastically!

If I were so sick that I became no use to society I would prefer if a doctor just got it over with. If someone I loved wanted it to end then I will grant. their wishes.

As a preformer I love to sing Mozart

He is truly worthy of title he possess both "Doctor" and the self-proclaimed "21st century Viking"

Get off my front lawn!!!!!...oops wrong person Welcome to daniweb

I agree with vegaseat it's too easy there for America cannot do it.

I work at Taco Bell so I will probably have some of that

Did you really just hijack your own thread...

The only downside with legalising it (and I've experienced that first hand) is when hospitals or insurance companies see it as a cheap way to get rid of expensive to treat (read, non-profitable) patients/customers and try to bully/force them into signing up for being terminated.

This is with all programs though. There will always be abuse of the system.

Does Daniweb have some kind of cycling system where it cycles through threads or something.

The so-called Money Team fans are like Beliebers and 1 Direction fans, they will stay entitled even when proven wrong...

Hey! leave the bieb man out of this and 1D...lol jk

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Sometimes I will use txt slang but that's if it's a very informal occasion. I do use "btw" a lot.

I have mixed feelings and the arguments for both sides set evenly in my mind.

True.. I do ignore people when I'm sick