IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! During my time of my ban I rethought about everything. Mandela is still a radical that caused more trouble than peace Paul walker, great actor but died because of his stupid action. I'm here and ready to troll.......lol


Language language my friends. I use my ipad that was issued to me for school and i still am not used to it so bear with me and my incomplete messages. What i meant to say is " aww you mean about the Mandela post. Ha, if you only knew half the story but if you wish me to stay my tongue i will. " now as for the Mandela story. Are you aware of why he went to prison. He was a radical who planned sabotage and a armed fight. Below i have several links that will prove my points.




Calm down. I know the whole sMandela story i have studied it have done multiple reports on him. I did find what he did fascinating at first but then i realized it was history repeating its self. The Jews have done what he has done. Heck we each have done what he has done in our own little way. It could just because of my experiences and the fact i had no childhood. Mandela was a hero there is no mistake about that, but what he did was something that has been done many times.

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You do not appear to know the whole story, or you need to up your comprehension