Technique to create online existance of your business...

by doing seo.....

No they are working.

You can have services of a site named edunom it services.

You can set an alert..............

YOu can remove all the links from, googlr analytics

On page seo includes techniques which are used so as to design website and create a structure online of your site..

I really do not understand this one.

There is not any fake way to increase likes you can do so by asking in your friend circle..

You can learn from the hudge number of tutorials available on youtube.

Use only quality content so as to create links else you could be penalised.

You need to check all the content before posting that the content is new or not you can have the help of a tool named small seo.

mattylad commented: copyscape is the best for this +0

You should go for videos of a person named matt cuts which give explaination of all the updates of google.